For this came Griezmann

first_imgIf he Barça pretend that Griezmann be the nine that can alleviate the four months of absence of Suarez, it will not be easy. While Messi and Suarez, who have been on sick leave for relatively long periods, have collaborated on 26 and 25 goals respectively during the course, he has done so in 15 playing virtually everything (11 goals and 4 assists). What can not be doubted is his ability as a footballer. In Ibiza, he also threw down the theories that he disappeared away from Camp Nou. He was the only player on the team with a sharp edge and gained tons of credibility leaving Barça alive in the Cup. If he Barça was two summers behind Griezmann it was for something similar to that of Ibiza. Beyond playing against a team of Second Division B to which the Catalans were forced to win by decree, the situation had become almost dramatic and the French avoided a high-scale earthquake. His two goals in the only two serious shots on goal that his team made throughout the game (the other was a very soft shot of Rakitic) put the Barça in eighths and prevented the partner’s eyes from looking at the bench and even the box. Setien Y Bartomeu They can agree to thank French. Griezmann It was the solution, but also a symptom. He was the holder who least touched the ball in the Barça The whole game, 32 touches. Less even than Net (33). Less even than an alternate, Carles Pérez (3. 4). Happens that Griezmann He is a player who does not play for the gallery, but to be pragmatic. And in that it was the best long Barça in Ibiza. It goes in its price, 120 million euros, but it did so in some circumstances not easy, with a somewhat lost team in the plan that survived thanks to the instinct of the French, able to make two precise unchecks with two star finishes.center_img Griezmann, moreover, can be attributed one more merit. It is adapting to what the team demands at all times. A gesture of humility that speaks very well of him. A star adapting to the needs of the group. In order not to alter the ecosystem of Messi and Suarez, he lay down on the left wing from the beginning in season with tactical discipline, although that clearly had an impact on its performance. He looked less and looked much less at the goal. It was a light version of Griezmann from Atlético. Now, Quique wants to fit him in the position of second striker. To that he also responded in Ibiza. His definitions after the services of De Jong and Alba, with which he also begins to understand with his eyes, were those of a senior striker. When Suárez and Messi were not there, he appeared. That’s why Griezmann came to Barça.last_img read more

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