mitation goods trade website optimization chicken ribs

imitation goods trade website profit is by winning number, usually we will copy many websites. Then rely on new product sales in the effect of noble baby peak, there will be some websites have a good ranking in the short term. But now with the noble baby algorithm update, the probability of more and more small lucky, all to do foreign trade website promotion personnel will wonder why I stand there is no new effect? The same way, almost the same time, of course, occasionally there are noble baby algorithm. But depending on the ranking of the "accidental" feeling is not reliable, the author thinks that this mode of operation has not. read more

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Set the php-fpm and nginx to prevent the website was hacked.

l if the PHP program needs to have write access to the site of some of the files will need to manually file or directory permissions to modify 777

l because php-fpm sub process is based on the nobody operation, then the new owner of the file generated by php-fpm is nobody, then FTP users will not be able to modify these files, it takes.

2. software / Web server configuration /php program by using

| nginx and PHP on the website only read permission without permission to write

to discuss this issue, first explains several concepts and process permissions: read more

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