Using QQ space log files to improve website popularity

log mentioned here we are familiar, used in the QQ space to write the diary, is to write the mood, like experience, today give you the log, is that we want to write the original article, because the QQ space to add a function to the original article, friends extraction at the top, so we can use this to promote your site. As shown below:

, head of

here we set for the best picture website logo, not only represents the overall image of the website, and friends to impress, play a role publicity website. read more

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The love of Shanghai K station incident sounded the alarm for all the webmaster

3, love Shanghai premeditated

6.28 and 7.18 events, most of the webmaster really love to look back to Shanghai before liberation. Love the Shanghai has very big determination to organize the Shanghai love living environment, can be said to be better kill wrong don’t pass. No piece of lead to snapshot generation, and part of the website snapshot stop. It can be said now the webmaster all jittery, the next one will turn to who station. After the 2 event and see many webmaster write the sharing of experience, I summed up some experience to share views. read more

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About DEDECMS robots file set ideas.

1.dede directory, in order to consider the need to change the name of the website security. However, after the name change, we can not help wondering: how changed the name, set in the robots.txt file? Directly prohibit capture, leaked back catalog, is equal to the invalid name. So how to solve this problem? We can solve this problem by the following settings, such as the background directory for dedecms:

Disallow: /plus plugin and auxiliary function directory, some files can be open, such as search.php read more

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360 good search businesses build credit platform Qingdao price shrimp phenomenon will stop


, the online travel market, this forum has invited industry experts and government leaders, to discuss how to reduce the online travel market "trap" phenomena such as flooding, in order to effectively protect the personal and property safety of tourists. Data show that in 2014 Chinese online travel market transactions amounted to 307 billion 790 million yuan, an increase of 38.9% over last year, this number is more than BAT a few Internet giants total revenue, however, the online travel market to maintain rapid growth at the same time, various types of malware, Trojans, viruses and phishing fraud websites emerge in an endless stream, which leads to the majority of users in the online travel business, suffered a serious loss of property. read more

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mprove the site of Shanghai Longfeng drainage practical skills

only reach users concerned about the content, in order to better attract users, and how to determine the user’s mind? We are guessing, not blind to write, so need to view the data, use the search engine users often search data to understand what, what is the purpose of these things? This is not the solution to the content created? For example, if I was selling clothes, I will never go to write clothing prices and models, but to write clothing collocation skills; if I do weight-loss products, I am definitely not going to write my weight-loss drug quality is good, but to write how to lose weight if I was perfect; Shanghai dragon, I will never go to write I do Shanghai dragon, we come to find me, but to write how to learn Shanghai dragon, because a drainage effect is a go to lead, a wish to, rather than their own monologue. Simply open your mind, from the user’s point of view to analyze, in order to identify the direction of content to attract users. read more

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Of noble baby panda algorithm appears to improve the website link building


to obtain high quality links is the use of viral marketing to obtain a final content. Strong social existence is still a very important factor.

10% link to the home page – Joannasbakery贵族宝贝

20% link to the internal —-red velvet cupcakes

to modify the anchor text:

If I have Joannasbakery贵族宝贝 An example of — cupcakes

today, people have gradually realized that before the old link strategy not only positive effect on Shanghai Longfeng, some extent but have a negative impact. Link building has always been the development with the development of the search engine and the. The Shanghai dragon, to adapt to the new rules of search engine and grow together is very necessary. read more

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From the millions of visits in the blog, enlightenment

do network promotion many friends have portal blog, and fewer, there are more than hundreds of. But most of my friends are the portal blog as the chain base, sending a large number of information or publish some articles out of order to release the chain, the blog function seems to be only for the release of the chain. But we look at a map, you will find the portal site blog is not here.

this is a common sense of life class blog, its cumulative access amount has exceeded eleven million, reaching more than 7000 on popularity, and almost every article sites have reproduced, so read the actual amount calculated each article is much higher than this, if we are in this blog article add to our website the effect of the link, you know…… So such a blog is definitely in a top 100. Such a high traffic blog is how to create a read more

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Ceng Penghui love Shanghai a multi account promotion promotion strategy

is a very simple example of the strategy: the same project, daily consumption of 50 thousand yuan with a monthly consumption of 50 thousand yuan, you are how to vote? I can do now according to the project, think about.

in the promotion of personnel daily management accounts and account optimization process, we often focus on average price, daily PV, displays the number of hits, creativity, quality, keyword conversion data, want to do love Shanghai, these details are very important, love itself is a promotion of Shanghai and the process of data analysis and optimization to optimize these details. However, if you are a team of SEM Leader, in addition to the basic knowledge of this class, have a good promotion personnel required "tactics", also need to have more promotion than ordinary personnel such as macro thinking, grasp some promotion strategies, and can be flexible. read more

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Creative website analysis of am a singer

, three:

, flow rate:



we all know that recently the hottest variety show is Hunan TV’s "I am a singer", in the index this month peak of love Shanghai more than 90W, also have the lowest 20W time. The average light "I’m a singer" search five hundred thousand. I believe that there should be a lot of people would consider I am a singer’s website, the best course is the interactive forum. Today inadvertently see such a website, see the website of all aspects of the data, but also to get some data. Here, with everyone under analysis. read more

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A moving network throughout the Shanghai dragon strategy originates from the data analysis

from the above data, the current Shanghai dragon can bring flow is the main home and corporate blog two ranking, the first page keyword is the main source of "moving company in Chongqing, Chongqing, moving company moving"; the source of enterprise blog is the main source of enterprise name search, the company advertised in newspapers and other in addition, some traditional media, word of mouth, so the search business name or some of the traffic.

enterprise blog: this part is the enterprise personnel in the update, direct copy some internal information, also let them put the company’s activities through the diary record, and the growth of the company. The boss assigned task, each employee is seriously completed. The original power ah, the enterprise blog can also bring good rankings. read more

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