Talking about the importance of the content of the website, what kind of content should we do

in the early days of building a website, as a webmaster, we must be for the upcoming web site to design content, and the direction of future web development. As we all know, it is very impractical to do a big and complete web site to attract users. After all, without the support of funds and talents, we can only make use of our expertise and do fine and meticulous research.

first do content contrast: when determining a small development direction, constantly to Baidu, Google search sites of the same type, carefully guess those who touch the top-ranking website what is unique, and he is going to build the station compared to what is similar and different. What are the reference for your site. In fact, Baidu Google, these search engines ranked (excluding those cheating SEO type website), must have its unique place, if I blindly imitate, you’ll end up with a – ending, so I’m referring to at the same time, I must put the ideas and unique reflected, such as go back to the way. read more

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Team experience sharing how to achieve industry first

think about yourself in the computer industry has also been a few years, and went to high school, nothing learned, all day indulging in the network. Later, I found a way to get rich. Yes, the three hundred and sixty line is the best".

was interested in the beginning of the establishment of their own e era Fengyun team baoma.newesd, but do not know which direction to go to develop, there is a saying "choose the industry than election work is more important."."

but the most important thing for a fast growing business is the team. read more

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True love station Resurrection

first, I have to admit that I was ignorant, for website construction, as one has just entered the threshold of less than a year the novice may know only a little superficial; but in the learning and practice of this period of time, I in no case of pointing out a way to fight back, there have been falling, tasted the loneliness, experienced hardships, also had a little bit of the joy of harvest.

in June 2009, I began to contact and understand the website construction of this industry, and at this time, for the first time I know that individuals can do web sites. At first it was just for excitement and curiosity, and without thinking too much, I rushed into it. Is to buy domain name space, but also looking for download source code, but also to test, modify, upload…… After some agonizing, I finally got my own website for the first time. At first, it is not called "real webmaster network", you see this domain name "", originally just consider to do a job recruitment website, and named "China Job Network"". After uploading the website, I am busy every day updating content, to BBS post promotion, looking for links everywhere…… I have learned all the knowledge on, and a week later, Baidu began to collect, three months have included more than a thousand. Just visit IP is still very poor, but only a few dozen a day. More later, the more I feel, with the ability to a person I really can not afford to carry the "job site" of the title: because the site is too big, too, busy, feeling hopeless; so give up the template, but also changed the name of the site, after renamed after finally determined today. The name of it"". Of course, I did not realize that I made a big mistake, just know later, the frequent replacement of the website template, but the site of the taboo. Because my ignorance of the mistakes, and ultimately escape punishment, my site was Baidu K lost. From the original collection of more than a thousand to no longer have included! I really get disheartened to the extreme, the thought of quit. However, a few months to remember the efforts and hardships, so easy to give up, but also a little reluctant. read more

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Need to know what the industry needs to operate wallpaper shop

now a lot of investors to see others in venture capital, their own series also want to become a member of the investment industry, but a lot of industry knowledge is not enough to understand, but also talk about how to get the business? So, as a wallpaper store owner, how to use professional, expert charm to conquer the customer? There are some knowledge about wallpaper! Today Xiaobian for the business of the wallpaper shop, science on the wallpaper you must know the little knowledge!

Where is the birthplace of read more

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Wind and rain drift my two years stationmaster Road

has studied computers for six years. Among them, the university learned when the Internet, three years, only technology. Huayibujing, also does not own the website (write from A to Z learn, can also, but now, the station) does not need to be proficient in.

06 years, I’ll finish my job. Entering a well-known Internet service company in china. The first month became the company’s sales runner, with sales of 90 thousand and 2. One of the clients is an industry Web site. Often communicate in the work, and thus began operating the industry website. read more

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To be patient, to be a man, to be grateful

Chongqing webmaster portal – do stand to patience, life to Thanksgiving

webmaster is the most difficult of a career, every day in the computer work hard day and night, silently dedication

webmaster is the most easy to meet the occupation, as long as see flow rise, PR rise will be satisfied,

webmaster is the most nerve of a profession, no matter what you see, always want to check whether the domain name is registered,

webmaster is the most do not understand the gentle career, won’t accompany girlfriend shopping, won’t spend all your mind, make brilliant, funny fun. read more

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Ma Huateng the penguin has changed some of the Chinese entrepreneurial culture

started in 1995, and I started using ICQ with my friends. Later, I found OICQ and felt very happy. You know, the WINDOWS system couldn’t be used in Chinese and English at that time, so it was a big industry to provide Chinese tools and "Chinese software" for WINDOWS. OICQ can easily use Chinese characters, of course, become our first choice.

in 1999, I began to enter China’s Internet industry, and began our e-commerce career. At that time, I had ordered our website to use OICQ to provide service to our customers. It is believed that all Chinese e-commerce websites now have to be equipped with instant messaging devices, which have started with us – and this has become a common practice in Chinese websites. Not surprisingly, people who come through QQ are generally more likely to call than they do. read more

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After the Google era one hundred thousand webmaster collective confusion

Liu Tao’s "window of Liuyang average monthly earn thousands of dollars of income, since the Google statement may leave China, website profit decline speed suddenly increased, from Liu Tao’s account shows, from February Google acquired advertising costs only $69.86.

As a member of Google’s advertising alliance, Liu Tao has to find a new way out for the window of Liuyang (


Liu Tao tried to cooperate with billions of advertising and advertising dotting. But cooperation is not as good as imagined, because these advertising alliances lack of Google as a large number of fixed advertisers resources, so it is not easy to get out of the shadows for a short time, at least, there is no obvious progress. read more

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A student station station experience

entered the University, because of majoring in e-commerce, the Internet has a certain understanding. After about a year, a student with the dormitory suddenly toward the nine Friday night to soak in the online – website. Since then, a considerable part of the time is not seen other people’s shadow, according to his words, only the abnormal people can build a good site, students boast, and he still goes his own way. About half a year later, one day, he raised a cheque in hand said, showing off, this is he this month Wangzhuan, will be more. We grabbed, Yaya, was a cheque for $100, you know, for a considerable part of the students, is already a good income. read more

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Gourd monk five advantages of using micro-blog marketing


the word is now the most popular words and the most popular social networking platform, micro-blog is affected by the originator Twitter of the first class of micro-blog products Fanfou online line to now Sina micro-blog, micro-blog, micro-blog comprehensive Tencent Sohu micro-blog era we feel that micro-blog has brought to our social life fun and change in the way of communication.

micro-blog marketing along with the emergence of micro-blog has also been launched, the use of micro-blog platform for instant interaction and instant communication with users, and immediate access to user feedback. All questions can be solved or forwarded, shared and transmitted by text or pictures or video within 140 words. So what are the benefits of using micro-blog for marketing? The following gourd monk will come to share the five benefits of using micro-blog for marketing. read more

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