The website editors need to know the skills of editing and publishing

section, when a user searches for the word first see. Why would users click, and also have a certain relationship. Description:


station to go through the layout, do clear, let the user at a glance you can see where is the key. Note that the application of the H tag, add related with the content of the picture, the picture you want to add the Alt attribute; the application of video.



(1) original

2, the title of the article, introduction, text and ending the four part.

C. in the title does not appear possible special symbols, such as spaces, punctuation.

correlation is very important, the need and the title of the site, the first customers to see the title of the site will enter the site, will see the site open, but if not related articles and title, so do the site in what place?

The correlation between

B. the same site, the same title and the same content may not be repeated;



(2) described in rule

This is the first description of the

A. station in the search perspective, choose the title of humanity. Title to smooth, understanding without ambiguity;

writing rules rich elementsThe

to see a title, we want to make clear why the user to search the word, what is the purpose of the search word, then according to this purpose to write articles, grasp this, guide it. Then in this paper, inserted into the appropriate user needs.

1, website article content writing requirements:

on this point, everyone should be very clear, in the love of Shanghai day update eight hundred times, the importance of the chain has weakened, in the station of the update has a very important role in improving the weight and ranking. Especially the content of the article, also is the original. Now the original is more and more difficult, and we may not need to write the original half hours will be copied by competitors or reproduced, if their website weight is high, then included will be faster than you, so that the original is a very hard Bi. But we can be false original article, pseudo original not just put an article for a method to re write it again, but re concise thoughts or articles published some of his own views.

(1) the principle of choosing Title:

GuideWe now know that

can not only write articles to see, our ultimate goal is to play the role of marketing, so the article must be to be able to bring some value or solve some doubts to the customer. So we must grasp the guiding.

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