n four months the Shanghai dragon optimization experience

and Shanghai Longfeng perseverance, Shanghai Longfeng people in this industry, we must learn to wait and adhere to, adhere to the fundamental execution of development. Here I wish all of you have a good ranking. Because of the time you wrote here! And I will continue on the A5 release of my experience of


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is the main keywords, long tail keywords other ranking is also very good location, time for reasons I will not enumerate.

! Keywords

Zhoukou Enthone talent network editor A5


Hello, I am Zhoukou Enthone talent network today and we explore the webmaster, I had four months of Shanghai Longfeng experience, to those who are struggling Shanghai dragon friends on the road.

briefly, I do is a local talent net, before I do, searched for information on the local talent network, has 10 top-level domain to the station, how I use the time of four months, the Chinese keyword optimization to good the position, I will share with you together. The home page to send my keywords:


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the second is the construction of the chain, we must do well in the chain, the chain is not here to waste outside the chain, the chain must pay attention to the quality, must be done outside the chain of high quality, is the method I adopted, a large number of contributors to some web portals on the news, so for you the station is of great help

in Shanghai dragon is a concept only, I often see some friends on the network owners about their Shanghai Longfeng experience, now many webmaster Shanghai Longfeng think too complex and tedious redundant, it is to optimize the degree, but the effect of big discounts. I told the Shanghai dragon experience represents only the personal views for reference. My most keywords optimization is actually very simple, every day is 5 original articles, remember that the article must be original, it is a lot of opportunities for copy and paste. I usually take the super original article is the means to buy a newspaper, is a newspaper today, then the above news slightly revised released to the website. If you use good words, write their own is the best



Keywords 贵族宝贝64hr贵族宝贝 first!

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