How to choose to buy website space

well, I will stop here, thank you.


alone is the monthly payment space, when the space just bought is very stable, not long after there is a problem, do not say the space velocity, on the website are not open! You exasperatingto? What’s more when entering the website backstage content update for a long time did not reflect, or to wait for a 2 minutes is not published out, so the space I always use, because I am also a novice first, just entered the industry in soon, so don’t invest. Second, I have no money, ha ha. Just now I estimate the webmaster is poor webmaster, have no money so I want to make some money on the site.

just started my choice of Hongkong is a virtual space, since the beginning, do not want to put too much disposable money, so I bought a Hongkong virtual hosting space, but also the monthly payment, 10 yuan a month, space flow is not restricted, the size of the space is more than 200 M, where it is possible to those old Adsense may laugh at me, haha.

took me that site for example, sometimes the website does not open, when the search engine spiders to crawl the site we found our website cannot be accessed? You said spiders will come later? So my site, then search engine for K. I really regret not choose IDC good reputation, reputation in China.


so I suggest you later choice space must go to test the speed, credibility problems of their love for Shanghai, of course, I also support you to choose our China old IDC’s space, IDC also has Chinese list. Choose a good space for your site optimization will more simple, more easily

first I to you that I am not to advertise, not to sell space. I think I should as a webmaster and those beginners webmaster friends to talk about my personal experience, or make new friends walk less detours, less on the point when.


Hello, nice to meet you here today, let me also thank A5 survival and experience have the opportunity in this platform and to share and learn the webmaster know. I have no nonsense today, I’m going to tell you I just added a variety of some selected sites in the space station industry bitter experience

in recent years, the national policy is becoming more and more perfect, especially on the Internet, generally do as long as you use the domestic virtual host space to the case, it is very troublesome, the preparation of cases at least more than 10 days, so now the foreign countries also sell more and more popular, but foreign space while eliminating the need for need not be the case for trouble, but the speed of problem space after? It is more, because we do website is to give us Chinese access, Chinese access Chinese server then it will certainly not what the slow speed the.

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