Shanghai love sharing how many people love you

1: believe that everybody can understand, in the modern information era, micro-blog is everywhere, if a micro-blog was reproduced, that your site or chain flow may increase exponentially, not such a group of Yu: "if you have 500 fans, the equivalent of a magazine; there are 1000 fans, the equivalent of a magazine; 10 thousand fans, the equivalent of a small local newspapers; 1 million fans, is the national media; there are 100 million fans, you are CCTV." As can be imagined, will give us what we share.

share button through love Shanghai, your visitors can easily share content on your website to renren贵族宝贝 happy net, QQ, Sina, micro-blog and other SNS site space spread, bringing more traffic to your website.

first, let us look at the official introduction:

above is only a group purchase nest: http:/>

share button through the love of Shanghai, you can get free to share detailed statistical analysis. You will understand what users on the site to share what SNS, what is the daily number of share, help you better tracking and analysis, to encourage users to share, bring more traffic to the site.

today we talk about the love of Shanghai share, since Baidu launched love Shanghai to share and displays it in the search results, the webmaster immediately pushed it to share the love of Shanghai in the teeth of the storm, raise a Babel of criticism of meaning is, what is the correct meaning but love Shanghai share? It and the Shanghai dragon a Never mind, really can affect the site keywords ranking. Look at my analysis.

third: believe that everyone will understand this, in Shanghai love to pay more and more attention to the user experience today, it is difficult to give users from the love Shanghai rankings, only the "promotion" and "love Shanghai snapshot" two said the site which is more popular and more worthy of trust in identification. Although the search results are given after the analysis of love after Shanghai, but it is difficult to see which sites are more people love, so love Shanghai is such a result also reflects the importance of user experience. This is our webmaster produce an idea, not to rank Shanghai dragon, don’t forget our Shanghai dragon to. Other

second: most have a dispute in Italy, one would think that Shanghai can share love and love Shanghai more friendly to search engines, more favorable to love Shanghai keywords ranking. But I personally feel Shanghai plus love sharing platform, user share can improve the search rate of climb into the spider, thereby increasing the flow of the site and included. The feeling is more indirect effects of Shanghai dragon and keywords ranking.

you know!The

share button through the love of Shanghai, the pages on your site will be more likely to be found by search engines love Shanghai, and thus have the opportunity to love from Shanghai to search more traffic.

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