Shanghai dragon er you lost it

for the site right down, for the love of Shanghai, a high-profile crackdown on the chain of garbage, against the value of the content. People throw that on Shanghai Longfeng future problems, "Shanghai dragon after how to do?" "what kind of the chain on the site optimization?" "after the Shanghai dragon will not die" and so on. For these problems, Pang Riquan recently also constantly looking for answers, following his ideas to share out, hope to help you.

Shanghai dragon 1 because the search engine algorithm is not perfect, so as long as you can just stack keywords to get good rankings, Shanghai dragon 2 requires a certain content enrich website and some outside the chain to improve site weights in order to get ranked, we all know that the Shanghai dragon is 3, which is the user experience. It is the search experience optimization. We put aside and not manslaughter a fish escaped through the Seine, after the main factors deciding the website ranking is the user experience, there will be a liter of a drop, if the user experience occupies the main position, I think the role of the chain will be greatly weakened, and 3 more than 1 Shanghai dragon Shanghai Dragon and Shanghai Dragon Phoenix 2 much longer. I feel like Shanghai Longfeng marketing, the market is in short supply, and then to later sell one-off sales, and finally to the current customer centered marketing, customer relationship management plays a very important role in the marketing. So if you don’t want to feel the Pang Riquan, caused by search after the nose must start from the user, must understand the trades, understand the customer’s mind, to do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng premise is the marketing personnel. Shanghai dragon or er with some government officials have no difference, no worries about food and clothing to the bottom of the whole life of the people.


Pang Riquan had just contact Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon feel very easy, just follow the "one, two words, three labels, four words, five golden rule can make every station optimization, and later with the love of Shanghai frequent updates, I have to keep up with love the pace of Shanghai, looked at his website drop right, brand word no ranking, after several reasons still couldn’t find down the right reason, holding a glimmer of hope to love Shanghai complaint center, Shanghai hope love can give a specific reason, so that I can", but very helpless, forsake heresy and return to the truth "love Shanghai as in the past" template "reply" your questions we have received, will arrange the relevant colleague analysis and follow up. If you have feedback problem is caused by the search system defects, we will arrange the corresponding upgrade solution. However due to the complexity of system strategy, part of the problem solving can not see obvious effect in the short term, please understand. Thank you for the love of Shanghai attention and support! "I couldn’t find my solution website down right from the back, then I feel like the face of a dying patient is, as a surgeon at a loss what to do, to doubt their ability to feel the way a confused.


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