Shanghai dragon new er website optimization is most likely to make 5 errors.


only the immediate interests of only two Shanghai dragon Er, the first is to do edge ball industry or profiteering industry, these people for a short period of time to improve the speed of ranking to earn profits, then K off again to change the domain name to a short time to improve the rankings, so it will not be lasting stability at the top; second people do not have their own position, only the envy of the short-term interest drift, such as the use of black hat Shanghai Phoenix, not knowing their website positioning is to long-term development, such as corporate website, domain name can not be changed, no one remember the last business domain name even enterprise brand. Here I recommend, a good location, must look at the long-term, think carefully about the black hat, white hat.

was the Shanghai dragon optimization technology in general, every day and night of hard work, about half the time, the three sites did not pick up a phone, the amount is very small. I have sat impatient. "Doctor," to go blind finally get their own confusion, also want to try this method, the method also want to try, finally began to suspect that he usually do right. The results do daily work began to delay, because I think it is a useless, began to search for available online black hat Shanghai Dragon technology, indeed, at that time by means of a brush flow improves the love Shanghai rankings, the effect is significant, which makes me happy for a long time. But good times don’t last long not for a week, and the website I lost is the so-called K station in Shanghai. The feeling is really The loss outweighs the gain.. I began to blind. This phenomenon may be a lot of new people have the same feeling.

after 5 years as I give you a suggestion: with a calm state of mind to continue doing the update and improve, improve the station optimization and stood outside optimization quality and efficiency (such as the chain update original content, improve the layout and internal links web type released high quality), a review of Shanghai because of love although there is no new nobility baby strictly, but also not to go, so the waiting time is needed. For example, some with their own language and sums up some problems of Shanghai dragon is the original, as long as it is not on the network you can count the original, think of where to write where, which can write a 1000 word.

error: third will not cause analysis of

second error: only immediate, regardless of long-term development of

For example, your own website for >

08 years in September 1st, I officially entered the Shanghai dragon this sacred industry, the author of the Shanghai dragon road from an enterprise website of Shanghai dragon Er began, was responsible for receiving the optimized three domain name website (I do not know what the optimization of the 15 core keywords optimization), to a total of. I was also learning by doing, and this is also a lot of new Shanghai dragon in common, so mistakes can hardly be avoided.

error: no patience flighty and impetuous.

The first

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