How do a station Sunday P maximum 1000 pure flow

This is the movie

always see a lot of master who share their experience in the promotion, where he spent a week time, promotion of a movie station experience, feel the effect is quite obvious, so some of his own experience to share with everyone. Nonsense not say, directly into the subject. The website is only in January 29, 2012 on the line, the line in a hurry.



February 2nd: early in the morning, in Shanghai love index view of popular movies, and in popular movies Post Bar do publicity, but have been deleted, so in love with Shanghai Post Bar link does not, I put the film into pictures and pictures directly on the watermark, just go out not long, flow come, see statistics, is actually the love of Shanghai "Dahua Cinema" with search over the flow of "Dahua Cinema" keywords have been ranked in the home position of the third, I again open a paste, put pictures not in this popular movies, no direct link, write: "love Shanghai Dahua search the movie", can see this movie like, specifically how to write, you can own brains, but not too much advertising, after that, repeated automatically send the chain, the end of sleep. When morning, see the traffic statistics, has exceeded 140IP, when the end of the day, the breakthrough of 1090IP, flow statistics, are the basic input keywords bring traffic. You can see the "great film" love Shanghai index.

This is February 2nd



flow screenshots, ended at 16:30

This is today’s

Dahua Shanghai index

January 30th: no traffic, just a few IP, basically is their access to the IP, it’s looking for Lu Songsong’s website automatic propaganda tool is automatically sent outside the chain, but not what effect.

please indicate the source: Dahua film 贵族宝贝

February 1st: love Shanghai included the home page, the words "Dahua film" before the one hundred page not found, then continue to the website issued under Links cooperation. Flow is maintained on 30IP.

January 31st: traffic growth to about 50IP, at the beginning of his Sina blog, love Shanghai hi 163 blog, write some soft Wen, do the keywords.

the rest of the days are just repeating the above work, the love of Shanghai is to flow, now IP maintained at more than 500. Not what skills, there is no gorgeous language, only real in the promotion process, the other station should also be able to do


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