Go for so long The old driver to take you to Shanghai Longfeng truth


sometimes, and people will continue to ask, do what is the use of Shanghai dragon, I have the team also find what you do? But you don’t need a team of Shanghai Longfeng? The more top sites, more attention to the natural flow of good results, Shanghai dragon, is the efficient team collaboration ask: stimulants, daily pay less, is what kind of experience? The truth, everyone can say a basket, but when they really perform? Selective forgetting, not consciousperson, can be said to be sad.

you hit below the belt, the essence of

yesterday, today, this constant, although not to do anything absolutely fair, but this society is relatively fair and give you some. Some owners, enterprises in the time to complain about poor rankings, you think you did what? Many of us, because of hatred blinded becomesirrational, complaining about the habit, but can not find their own mistakes.

this article, do not write the Shanghai Dragon technology, would you like to read? Each website has a different problem, really can pass a few articles on learn? Even those in what Shanghai dragon training courses, from the heart, really grasp how many things? Past those years, a lot of real Shanghai Dragon up to the people, really willing to put things out for everyone to share, but now this person really is less and less, but will be fooled people but more and more.


is the duty of a student is learning, for better future enrolled by universities. The site’s duty? Some people have forgotten the selectivity, people do A5 Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis and asked me: "my site within a year can be one hundred thousand IP?" the personal webmaster will flow as a gust of wind, a scratch on the like. How much? Some dedicated team, so hard, you get beyond what

for the web site, the so-called causality is nothing more than a point: do things right, there will always return! Note that I emphasize is "right". What is the correct? When you are not sure whether it is feasible to do so when you don’t do it. I have just finished the diagnosis of a BBS page, do the function is very good, but it is only provided visual effect, the one that looks good, brought hundreds of thousands of repetitive links, is still missing? So, the site’s ranking does not ideal. This is.

this is a naked chicken soup, would you like to drink again? Go for so long, still without a single success you, and enjoy the scenery along the way, and not just to "money".



every day in the discussion how to make Shanghai Longfeng ah, why website drop right? Every year, repeatedly, as a practitioner of twelve years old driver, see the topic really tired, you have a point? Such as a few years ago, it’s still the same.

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