Depth analysis of the difficult problem of why website

know the spider crawling, we say how spiders crawl.

started the site, I often encounter difficult problem of website. Sometimes one month have not been included, was scorched by the flames but still did not have the means, has been confused for a long time. Every day I think what causes my site has not been included, very helpless also very miserable. At that time did not understand the operating principle of search engines, also don’t know where to start, just like a headless flies everywhere disorderly bump rebuffed everywhere. That time really have the urge to give up, really do not know how to do.

I insist to see some of the information in the website every day, want some help. Later learned that the working principle of search engine, understand what is going on after I knew how to do it. Have to have a plan, and then began to implement, and has a very good effect, I think a lot of my harvest, now I come to share the work principle and the experience of some search engine experience, hope I can see some new articles enlightened, detours.

second, spider also from some of the weight of high site, such as the Ministry of industry, the world forum, mop贵族宝贝…… Wait。 We can then these sites or forums on the chain of their own, the spider will soon find.

actually, this name is the image. The Internet is a big spider web, in such a large piece of the Internet how to allow users to find you. Must let the search engine spiders to crawl your site, grab your web applications, put into the search engine database, after the completion of this series is what we call included.

search engine spiders crawl and grab

take love Shanghai search engine. First of all, love Shanghai search engine spiders will start from their own products starting. For example: Shanghai, Shanghai Post Bar love love, love the Shanghai Encyclopedia of space…… Wait。

The working principle of search engine spider

spider grab is two strategies: breadth first and depth first.


to the site to be made quickly must know the working principle of search engine spiders, search engine only to understand the rules of the game can quickly be included in search engines.

that someone will ask, how to let the spider quickly climb on my website. It is necessary to understand the spider climb where to start, how to crawl.

breadth first means, will first grab the page all the links. And then select one of the links page.

for the novice webmaster, may not know what is the search engine spiders. The search engine to crawl and access program is called the spider (spider), also known as the robot (BOT).

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