Three important factors that influence the website of Shanghai dragon ranking

We must consider from the user’s point of view,

Qingdao Shanghai dragon has been advocating everyone to do normal station, rely on real content to retain customers and achieve long-term stable profit. I do not recommend garbage station, although the station also can make money, but in the long term garbage station is not forever, if the garbage station can be bigger and stronger, until no longer called search engine search engine. Qingdao Shanghai Longfeng junk station is on the acquisition, no real content, website theme and website content does not match the site, this station mainly rely on advertising GG or some other alliance profit, at present there are many such sites. Why not let you do dumpster is because the garbage station lack of good user experience, website ranking is generally poor, profitable way at present can only rely on an advertisement alliance, it is difficult to have a big development, the slightest mistake will be put into the black box search engine. The Qingdao Shanghai dragon in this two years to do so many stations, even do normal station, if you do not insist, website ranking may not be able to do, because now the competition is so fierce, just a profitable industry or website, once be found soon to replicate many of the same website so, we must rely on the conscientious stand in the industry to a neutral foot heel.

, a website, website content must conform with the website main keywords or subject. This is very important for the website ranking, especially the column navigation title, as far as possible around the website main keywords to name, such as: my site is doing sunglasses, so my column navigation can be divided into: Sunglasses function, pictures, colors, sunglasses sunglasses sunglasses, polarized sunglasses price and so on, the purpose of doing so can enhance the website keyword density, improve the site’s cohesion. Similarly, the above update website content, each piece of content or the title of the article try to appear Sunglasses keywords, must not to update and update, as much as possible, every article update will focus on quality. Some owners in order to make the site to keep updated frequently, easily find some articles to update, and fancy like in the article randomly inserted several related keywords, but it is not good for you, a search engine will be able to see your trick, like this kind of update would also updated once a week not every day to update, because such content has no meaning, the website ranking and user can only be counterproductive, finally caused the site to drop right.

today Qingdao Shanghai Longfeng is not to talk about what specific station before this, he wrote an article called "talk about what the most profitable website in 2011, interested can read, may give you a little road station. Today to talk about the Qingdao Shanghai dragon point on the construction site for Shanghai Longfeng site experience, combined with the experience about the three important factors that influence the website ranking.

two sites do, because only the user experience is good, PV will be high, the website ranking will come up, along with the Shanghai dragon ranking will come up. Qingdao Shanghai dragon before >

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