Using the selected keywords for accurate bidding website

how to find these keywords?

so, how to find these profitable keywords? At the time, I did not understand the bidding company website keyword opportunities, this is because the company did not bid work experience due to consider, more worried about the author will have a chance to malfunction of the price of these words, so temporarily not to let the author contact. The new Shanghai dragon recruitment in place, then let him give the author to understand.


in a certain period of time at the end of June and early July, in order to have a keyword ranking war, and constantly updated site articles, send the chain, and the opponent to a few days, occasionally you first, occasionally a few days I ranked first in the ranking war…… In fact, because I was mistaken because they overlook the fact there are many profitable keywords great progress space.

maybe you would choose to update and send the chain, to outdo each other, such a persistent attitude, in fact is a lot of Shanghai dragon Er will use, because most of the time, the Shanghai dragon competition is patience and perseverance, as long as the opponent when for some reason and some loopholes, so you can catch up with each other, so as to obtain the keyword ranking opportunity.

then in the new Shanghai dragon in place, through an afternoon, watching the bidding website keywords, using the analysis display and the amount of traffic data, a keyword list list, through this analysis, the author found that, in fact at present can make the company profitable keyword and a very large space, and these words are not necessarily those with love Shanghai index keywords, some even have no index, but the show is very high, some also did not love the Shanghai index, but many hits, these words let me know if you can get it, will not be in late June and early July so I tangled in a keyword ranking battle.

when we do Shanghai Longfeng, whether there will be such a feeling, is that some seemingly index is not high, no matter how you are updating pile of articles, or continue to outward good outside the chain, but always go beyond the opponent’s website, actually this is because these words of competition is very high, perhaps the other side station update and the chain number more than you, but more than hello, this time, you can use the Site and Domain instructions to observe a lot, you can probably know your opponent up how many articles in the station of the chain and the number in the above keywords.

: the case of error were selected

then at the end of June, let >


is a very love and numbers, so I also very love and price deal, in the author’s pet phrase, there is such a word, is "digital analysis is perhaps the most fun thing in the world."

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