Mass tools on the blog what are the advantages and disadvantages

The first is that the drawbacks of

and disadvantages of blog group tool, to say what are the benefits of it, most of them are now online article introduced malpractice blog, how bad is good, but it also has some webmaster friends can take place, with good, of course for Shanghai Longfeng work has played a multiplier effect and you can breath registered 40 or 50 high weight blog, like Sina blog, NetEase blog, love Shanghai, Sohu blog…… A lot of, only need to set up their own good, immediately registered a number of blogs in front of you, you don’t need one to register, followed by: blog group software must have released the time interval, with the best title pseudo original function, the content can be random pseudo original, best.

Hello, long time no to A5, just over the years, I believe we are still immersed in idle away in seeking pleasure in life…… Not to say nonsense, today to bring you the topic is: mass tools on the blog what are the advantages and disadvantages. Believe in a blog group tool friends all know, it is simple to operate, but over time the effect gradually decreased, tool is a tool, it cannot completely replace all people, especially in our Shanghai dragon in this line of friends should be very clear advice, algorithm in the unceasing change, good method today, tomorrow may be the love of Shanghai is judged to be cheating means. You can say a lot of things are two sides, we love are like money, but it is also a killer, it is a double-edged sword! So the blog group built tools? Blog group software? I think so! He has its advantages and disadvantages, as long as you have a good grasp this will not be a problem, so how to grasp the degree? Please see below my analysis:


tools. The blog group. As long as you edit an article, you can go to their registered 20 or 30 blog post, but also sent automatically, when this tool, must be Shanghai dragon baby, but also love Shanghai not good, with more people, the natural effect will be greatly reduced, even the web site is down right by the danger of K, to talk about his personal experience, since the purchase made blog group tools, they fell in love with the tool, because regardless of their initial site or a period of time, as long as the use of this blog tools, ranking will become very good, but good times don’t last long a major update in November 13th last year, the "dead", let me have a heart, 8 site promotion: LED website, wedding photography website, bags website, website performance, The celebration site, logistics website, video production site, fire equipment website, without exception, all right to be reduced, even site did not have even home page, keywords ranking will not say, goodbye 100, and since that day, the station outside the station to update every day, the original, still standing still, maybe is someone said, those are waste, so now still do friends, should immediately stop ~

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