How to resolve the new 3 Palace phenomenon

analysis: site < title> inside the forbidden word love Shanghai? First we look at the station, I < title> < title> Jing Ling, _ on efficacy and reputation _ fine Ling mouth blog < /title>, because I this station is fine ling oral liquid, so I put this fine ling oral liquid on at the beginning, when the keywords, we are now last night I saw was changed, removed from the oral liquid, several "3 Palace" phenomenon, I guess, is not my website title with a forbidden word, so I put the oral liquid is removed, because now pay attention to food safety, as medicine about eating, all in the blacklist, about how effective, we will further confirm that

analysis of two: the content of the website, although I optimized medical websites, but I am not a medical graduate, so write medical category of the original article, not only me, everybody is a problem, I do before from contact with what fine ling oral liquid, let me write about him I am also in accordance with the article, before you experience the same, go online to find relevant content of the article, and then their organization, write some articles, the content of BOSS is called the myth, is made exaggerated, all I guess love Shanghai want is the original, although this is my Xiabian also, basic is original, therefore, is not love > Shanghai algorithm

the old rules, talk, figure 1:

yesterday I shared his optimization experience a successful medical website, saw a lot of friends of the medical rookie optimization are discussed, the share is worth it. Today I have another medical class of the new station, the emergence of a phenomenon, the emergence of the "3 Palace" phenomenon, some people may be whispered in my heart, what is the "3 Palace"? In fact it is love Shanghai repeatedly included put out, and back, I went in and out of the railway station, 3 so, today we analyze the problems in this station, with the majority of grassroots said, Shanghai dragon must first learn to analyze, whether of myself or others, is to enhance an ability, want to try the grassroots to work under

today is 11, you can see second pictures, yesterday home page, and then control the first picture, today is back again, so, from 9-6 9-11, until today, I love this new station, Shanghai has been repeatedly made "3 Palace", all said medical websites to do, indeed, do optimization, estimated to have the same feeling, well, then we find from their own problems, why I can stand the other station, there’s a problem? Now we come to this

Figure two:



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