On some website optimization suggestions

1. static web page. In the establishment of the time to use static and dynamic web pages because not too friendly to search engines, not too easy to search engine included, compared to the static was much easier, so a lot of people in the site priority of all static.

3. set key. A good website keywords, which is in the title to set up the key words, words should not be too much 2–3 a can, the appropriate in text links, image ALT attributes, even the domain name in the layout of the key words and description of the website, is also very important to the theme of the site, the expression of this website is ranked very important.

2. website. The site you should help search engines crawl, i.e. structure of your web site, it is best to use a div+css that is more conducive to search engine crawling.

5. original articles. Do soft, should pay attention to the promotion of the original, search engines love original, especially for the love of Shanghai, this is the most incisive, do soft Wen promotion to regularly update the new content, so the search engine will never come to your station, which included the amount of your site will increase.

6. external links. The chain do good for you this website weight is of great help, add the chain and the original have great influence on the weight of the website, not saying that the content is king, the chain for the emperor, and the weights of the website links will make the search engine that your site is a good site, the weight of your site have a certain effect oh. It can be seen that the importance of both the weights of the website. The chain will go to some weight high website, forum, blog, etc. to Post Bar, published an article from your website with links, increase the number of the chain, if you write a good article, very helpful to everyone, your article will be a lot of people were reproduced so, if you outside of the chain can be greatly increased.

The structure of

many people see open a web site can thousand people at home, watching a lot of money into the pockets of others, my heart was very envious, so many people tried to open a website. Here today to share some of my methods of website optimization Shanghai dragon. In fact, I also did not contact the term Shanghai Longfeng months, but in a few months I think I learned a lot about the website ranking and optimization of knowledge, gossip not say more, here to share with me.

4. internal links. Do the internal links, do not appear dead links, this prevents the search engine crawl, it is not very friendly to the search engine.

7. Links. Here, not necessarily and weight or weight high website Links, although some websites have no weight, but their article is original, this is a great "on the search engine

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