Keywords layout in the soft on how reasonable

second, the first section needs to arrange a soft or two words. Of course there must be soft segments, usually in words, if only about 300 words of text, then the first paragraph only need 1 words is enough, otherwise there will be a pile of suspicion. If there is one thousand foot, then 1 to 2 is appropriate. Because most of the time, the first paragraph of the content is often the default for the love Shanghai soft abstract, then it is to show love Shanghai in the search results, so we can obtain a higher ranking. It must be possible to clarify is soft Wen’s point of view in the first paragraph, the so-called introduction in view, must take the stand up, which not only allows users to quickly know its meaning, but also the reasonable arrangement of keywords.


is the site of the Shanghai dragon optimization, or website marketing, all cannot do without the soft. The correlation between soft needs and websites, and believe that many webmaster have realized that if you don’t realize, believe that the love Shanghai punishment will be realized. However, many owners may be soft in keyword distribution has many doubts, some keyword density soft, mostly concentrated in the first and tail. Some soft and keywordsdiscounts edge ball, relatively sparse density. But it will not affect the content correlation.

third, in the soft pages to be possible to set up some small title, and then introduce a small Title keyword, can also according to need, no words can also, generally a soft paper can set up two small title. This can let the soft become clear, but also conducive to the rational distribution of keywords.

fourth, the soft title followed by a small, can layout a word or two words, through such a layout, can have content and title has to undertake, and not for the title and title, that is to say a small title is to read better, better show soft content. This layout not only helps to improve the readability of the text, but also to let the search engine think you can text >

soft for, must be original, this is the basis of high quality soft Wen, but does not mean that as long as it is original, it belongs to the high quality soft Wen, also need to further processing on it, one of which is the rational distribution of keywords, the following is to discuss from this point.

first, usually keywords especially long tail keywords must be displayed in the title of the article, you should know that love in Shanghai to show results, often show the title keywords priority. If the title keywords lack, even if it is to be searched, nor the title of credit, but the content of the website keywords in the text, while ranking often already after a few pages. Of course, on the title keywords need only one, do not so much, or poor readability of the title, love Shanghai or be considered cheating, but a Cleverness may overreach itself.

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