Lu Cong Shanghai dragon must learn to share resources – Bugmenot

first step: download the Google Chrome browser, 贵族宝贝 noble baby.Cn/chrome/, installation.

The golden rule

second: open the https://chrome. noble baby贵族宝贝/webstore/chrom web store, search for bugmenot, you can see the plug-in.

Bugmenot definition:

Bugmenot installation:

[] written in the front to tell the truth, this method is used in IT, must be something industry personnel, of course, it also applies to our Shanghai dragon, that is Bugmenot. Inadvertently see, first thought this way for Shanghai Longfeng exchange and sharing will play a great important. Of course, why only now to write this article, but I was mixed. Joy is the Shanghai dragon ER can share resources, let Shanghai dragon become simple, worried that some Shanghai dragon destruction rules, so that the shared resources lose value. All hope that when we use this method to strict with oneself. But now I still choose to share this method. I hope to help all the people to go on the road in Shanghai dragon.

bugnenot is a Google chrome plug-in platform sharing plugin. It is for the realization of Web site login account unbounded existence. For example, some websites set up VIP and ordinary members, it can realize the account sharing through bugmenot, so that ordinary members can also enjoy the VIP treatment. Shanghai Longfeng paper is the forum account sharing function.




Shanghai dragon industry is "content is king, the chain for the emperor." You’re right。 These 8 words accurately summarizes the Shanghai dragon industry rules. Content can be used to solve the pseudo original, as everyone knows, but the original more competitive. We focus on that is outside the chain, the chain in the above, we all spent time in the above, Links, buy black chain, hotlinking, on behalf of the chain, basically can be used for our lovely Shanghai dragon ER with the most incisive in Shanghai dragon industry. In the forum link in the chain has a good effect, no matter is the forum signature, the soft belt chain, have very good effect, the premise is certainly no shielding case forum. Bugmenot is so that we can share resources forum account chrome plugin. As long as the forum did not set the IP limit, so everyone can use the shared account login forum, this forum to have resources but not many Shanghai dragon who think it is a good way of sharing cooperation. But be warned, respect yourself and others, do not do bad things.

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