Share the new four month operation summary

before the new station on the line:

Lift the shield:

fill in the content, especially the product page, because of serious homogenization, so I carefully analyzed ten websites the same products of different content, combined with the relevant search words Baidu, write each product content, and pick a few high-quality watermarked product images postprocessing the use of Web format inserted into the content on the product page, and strive to set director of public companies. The rest is prepared 20 original article on the front page news will call the position filled, after all home is too lean, the content is relatively small, just wait for the spider to later can leave a good impression.

railway station:

four months ago, the boss made a new decision to establish new occupation position more before two pages, in order to get more business, have a new birth of our. Four months ago, I came to this company for a month, until the other home, work and continuous learning in Shanghai Longfeng, basically no practice, I actually came to the new company contact Shanghai dragon just half a year. Four months after I harvest the results, although is not as you wish, but also enough to continue his firm in Shanghai Phoenix on the road ahead no confidence; what can be proud of what is not to show off, only with the new Shanghai dragon ER ".

After the new

The new

The following

into my hand, I’ll come back, FTP and WEB control panel, and then immediately blocked all search engines, because according to my request, all the contents are not added, I need two weeks to fill some debugging and the content of the website; on the other hand, a lot of cheating the network company is not going to give you the FTP and the WEB control panel, as I say, not only the background of these two things how to do it is to do the Shanghai dragon? Toil, and unfortunately, this thing in many of my friends happened, all Internet companies do not match.

contact shielding and submitted to the major search engines, after a week of love Shanghai included the home page, the main keywords are ranking, included time is normal, after every two weeks Baidu will update a number of new sites included me, this is according to the owners of the house included long-term observation data out of the. >

when the boss asked me to take care of the new all the time, I can’t tell you how excited, only know that evening drew several site layout, mind are website made out of the way, with a week’s time to analyze the distribution of keywords, after word table painting the website homepage, column page and page layout, and then handed over to someone else to do a website, but the website code should be concise, as far as possible so that the minimum page volume, page compression only 2kb. But in fact, these efforts are not in vain.

to sum up all four months by the railway station.

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