Shanghai dragon Er do you know what the boss is important

most bosses are ranked in the name of the company’s main business is the index of Shanghai Longfeng Er work capacity assessment, because the boss thinks, when potential customers search for our company’s products or services on the network, our website in home display, which can reflect the value of Shanghai dragon er. If the boss in the rankings as indicators, Shanghai dragon er’s work may be a little easier, don’t worry about every day this month’s target customers and the monthly IP value can reach the expected goal.

but do not know a Shanghai dragon boss, he is not understand what love is the Shanghai index. For example, Hongkong is a registered company, he will let you put the word "registered company" in a month to optimize. For this case, we can do a keyword optimization cost analysis table, let him know what words worth us to do, rather than "I think".


two, outside the chain

search engine, as a qualified Shanghai dragon Er, should be promptly reflected to the boss, according to the search engine algorithm change optimization method, when the site’s ranking, you can reflect the value of.

on the network to see today such a question, the content is about how in 30 seconds to a do not know how to do the Shanghai dragon boss analytic Shanghai dragon. As we all know, no enterprise boss of Shanghai dragon is fully understood, most of the people of Shanghai Longfeng level stays in the hair of the chain. A do not know how to do the analysis of Shanghai dragon boss Shanghai dragon, if used with his professional analysis, is undoubtedly cast pearls before swine. Want to tell him how to do analysis of Shanghai dragon, the premise is to figure out what he wants to achieve, through the Shanghai dragon.

three, IP value of

The improved algorithm of

because many business owners think the Shanghai dragon is the hair of the chain, so they think that the number of Shanghai dragon Er standard is the chain. But now I love Shanghai foreign chain has a new evaluation, the chain is usually hard which is likely to be search engines that cheat the chain, the website ranking declined. Although the Shanghai dragon er you website ranking is not your assessment indicators, but the gates of fire, adverse impacts to fish, if go down for a long time, the company website ranking is not good, the performance would decline, the company’s earnings is not good, you will be faced with the danger of unemployment.

The number of

, the main business of ranking

boss believes that the site keywords ranking is very good, but no one to enter our website, is of no significance. If is the number of new customers as the evaluation index, the Shanghai dragon Er seems unfair, because there is a lot of the relationship between the number of new customers with the customer communication skills. So, on the website IP number as the evaluation index of Shanghai dragon Er, as the Shanghai dragon, quite is network promotion, network promotion task because the company’s message to potential customers, and guide them into our website, understand and be familiar with our service.

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