The website was hacked trick

second: the use of hacking, invade the high weight of the competitor’s site, to improve their website weight to.


.The site is

2: the use of junk links to rival

The word

hum, suffered the cruel means. This is completely against competitors, each of which make Shanghai Longfeng people all know the importance of the chain for a website, at that time Shanghai has not been released now love outreach but those people still use rules, then the principle of act in a diametrically opposite way to completely set me up. Here is also divided into "


has such a word: good people everywhere, get in by every opening. This is what I say, not what the true saying but it is my real experience. After work, I sometimes often a website to me for a long time before optimization, it is my own station, every day I work very hard to optimize, to make pictures, to send the chain. My daily to finally have the results, just as I was immersed in the joy, bad luck or come to my side, the website was hacked.

when I do love Shanghai the first time, I think maybe he is jealous. By this means hackers to harm others website or for their own profit manipulation more common. For instance。

the weather is unpredictable, people have good and bad fortune "at the time I did not blame too much, I know I neglect for the safety of the web site for a long time, leading to this point. Now I stand leyuanbaby贵族宝贝 made a great improvement, but now I want to go back really very angry. Not only in life, in every field, some competitors will write three means of abuse to attack his opponent to the infinite. I really feel contempt for their

fortunately, others will hurt their suffering, the search engine is exclusive to this kind of behavior, often cause internecine consequences. However, we were set up, have also been implicated in, it was worth it.


: the first use of its hacking, sneaked into the competition website, hung black chain, or modify the roots or to your site directly, through the competition ranking and weights to their website benefit.

1: the use of direct hacking attacks on rival website

the following is to introduce the author’s website from two black means, who is despised by the common method, if the author has found other hacking, also finishing wrote the article, I swear to fight with the villain

has nowhere to vent anger. I had to get my lessons show to everyone, let everyone be vigilant, don’t wait for things to happen, it is too late for regrets, I learned to show you, has done the merit.

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