What are the common problems analysis of electricity supplier website optimization process

e-commerce platform with the Internet growing pace, instead of the traditional marketing network marketing companies in network marketing, search engine optimization has become the core business website, the electricity supplier web site is the foundation of marketing network, to stand in Shanghai Longfeng optimization method is perfect, the author to share several common problems in the process of several electricity supplier website optimization, I hope to help you better to operate.

Reasonable layout for each page keywords

To strengthen the construction site within the chain

web page optimization

With the development of

The chain site

optimization in Shanghai Longfeng internal construction do perfect must have network, the inside pages of website of business also needs the construction of the chain, add the product page, the participation in the activities of promotional hot products, products can be packaged for sale package etc.. To add text or related products description, can write a program to automatically add the inner chain, add attribute words related, such words appear in the article, and automatically add the inner chain construction, eliminating the stationmaster of a lot within the time added chain, do the chain construction can also be better. Don’t be completely within the product page product pictures instead, you can also add "shopkeeper recommended".

website is different from other products and marketing website, the page is the core content of the website, the product page can better be included, may bring to the site traffic is more. The product page content is 80% pictures occupy, image optimization is the best to add the alt attribute, attribute not deliberately accumulation key, the original product content can be pictures without the addition of title and ALT attributes will lead to excessive optimization site was punished. Store website product picture can use folders, different classifications are placed into different folders, URL best pictures do not appear two domain path, the best display in a directory, the two level domain to spread the weight. At the same time, product sales throughout all pages do not need to add pictures, product description, user evaluation, product parameter information, do illustrated content construction, to meet the user experience and the spider crawl.

owners often do not pay attention to the optimization of the layout of the keywords, the home will be greatly the layout of many words, first of all, the first page of the weight value is limited, the key too easily lead to weight loss; secondly, too many keywords layout on the home page, the spider not determine what keywords is the main keywords, what is the main core of the website. Different pages should correspond to different keywords, website optimization can not only optimize the home page, the inside pages of the site also need to optimize the layout of key words, a keyword corresponds to a URL link, the user can get the flow within the page, in the conversion rate is higher than that obtained by home. The inside pages used to optimize keywords, the need for page of keywords layout description, from the title page, anchor text links, these details will affect the keywords ranking.


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