Using QQ space log files to improve website popularity

log mentioned here we are familiar, used in the QQ space to write the diary, is to write the mood, like experience, today give you the log, is that we want to write the original article, because the QQ space to add a function to the original article, friends extraction at the top, so we can use this to promote your site. As shown below:

, head of

here we set for the best picture website logo, not only represents the overall image of the website, and friends to impress, play a role publicity website.

, a number of friends

QQ is the largest Chinese China browsing web portal, the billions of people almost indispensable communication tool, and the QQ space is often the place to go, see mood, to write the log, one thing has become indispensable in our lives. Just eat today open space QQ, see friends published articles, occasionally think of us is not conducive to the promotion personnel, why everyone knows the tools to promote their own websites? Every day we struggled to think of how to improve site traffic, improve website popularity? Everyone knows the best effect, the most efficient and promotion methods free is in our hands, and today we share together, we how to make good use of QQ space, quickly improve site traffic and visibility.


> ,

set 1


Two, the original log title The contents of

content is the key, especially a part at the beginning of the show, so we should make good use of, here is a little, in the content inside we must add the URL of the website, to guide the friends visit the site, increase site traffic. If this article is multiple friends attention, will display the heat below, general QQ is the highest heat in the first show, by the heat we can see that the degree of concern.


title setting we can take targeted propaganda words, for example: the name of the web site, etc.. It is best to attract users to click, with a new title, fashion show.

we can apply for a special QQ do promotion, can be named after the name of the web site. Here to tell you about the QQ number of friends, because we can see the last log or article, are our friends, so the number of friends we promote the ultimate effect. If we do a large national website like A5 station network, Zhaopin, 95 Zhi employed, so friends can not regional restrictions, if regional sites, so we can according to the target group, to add. QQ friends is limited to 500 people, that is to say we publish propaganda website features articles, there are 500 friends to see, that brought to the site marketing interest is considerable.

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