The love of Shanghai K station incident sounded the alarm for all the webmaster

3, love Shanghai premeditated

6.28 and 7.18 events, most of the webmaster really love to look back to Shanghai before liberation. Love the Shanghai has very big determination to organize the Shanghai love living environment, can be said to be better kill wrong don’t pass. No piece of lead to snapshot generation, and part of the website snapshot stop. It can be said now the webmaster all jittery, the next one will turn to who station. After the 2 event and see many webmaster write the sharing of experience, I summed up some experience to share views.

should be said that most of the webmaster including me, put all the focus on the love of Shanghai market. Love Shanghai provide living space for our webmaster, now let us lose living space. It is also love Shanghai, also love Shanghai. The ultimate reason is our development of space limitations, too much dependent on the love of Shanghai failed to survive, more deeply into the Internet market in the market. Love Shanghai sounded the alarm for our webmaster. Why do we never thought of stationmaster brand benefit, never thought of their own original, without a clear goal. We are in the front line of imitation, the eye is the key word ranking. We lost the Shanghai dragon brings us the opportunity.

love in April Shanghai has on the forum outside the chain to reduce the output weight adjustment algorithm. Pay more attention to the weight of the chain of social networking sites.

entry, Shanghai Longfeng area threshold is low, as long as the site to understand some knowledge, in addition to the software tools counseling, would soon be small website optimization. Leads to too much garbage information and false information. In particular, the medical industry, resulting in serious information can not confirm whether the accurate.

2, purification of their products

since March to open the speed of the site, with strict processing requirements. Love will not check the timing of spiders in Shanghai, your website. If the space is too slow, will not be included in the website.

is our webmaster.

1, a conflict of interest

is now the people can see the network can give direct benefits. The website ranking has been very popular. Shanghai Longfeng company or individual number, Shanghai dragon market price disorder. To love Shanghai PPC interests.

do not say first, curious and light micro-blog. He said our webmaster close, we are on the Admin5 forum, many webmaster only know A5 outside the chain, included fast, but what is the A5 Forum’s slogan, (website, domain name, source code, safe transaction). In 28, his slogan is (for network marketing and promotion network becomes more simple). This is our favorite forum outside the chain, but they are not the same. They have faith in the target, the soul. So they succeed. What is the goal of our webmaster, ranking up money?

4 server, strict requirements

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