mprove the site of Shanghai Longfeng drainage practical skills

only reach users concerned about the content, in order to better attract users, and how to determine the user’s mind? We are guessing, not blind to write, so need to view the data, use the search engine users often search data to understand what, what is the purpose of these things? This is not the solution to the content created? For example, if I was selling clothes, I will never go to write clothing prices and models, but to write clothing collocation skills; if I do weight-loss products, I am definitely not going to write my weight-loss drug quality is good, but to write how to lose weight if I was perfect; Shanghai dragon, I will never go to write I do Shanghai dragon, we come to find me, but to write how to learn Shanghai dragon, because a drainage effect is a go to lead, a wish to, rather than their own monologue. Simply open your mind, from the user’s point of view to analyze, in order to identify the direction of content to attract users.

Who is the object of our The author summed up the

. A level of thinking "content + channel

this morning someone said the consultation, is how to find more agents, so I asked my friend, you do the promotion and investment, said the friend spent nearly one hundred thousand, mainly to do some promotional single page or the forum, I see a few examples, found mostly products or case and, to join the user at all Never mind, join the users general concern is the initial fee, joining process, join whether money >

1. what kind of content can attract users?

2. to drainage?

before, want to do a good job in drainage work, the content is the foundation, the key depends on the channel, and ultimately had to rely on execution, many people have not started all kinds of complaints, I can’t write soft, I don’t have the chain platform, I do not how to do marketing, I can only tell you: salad! Today the share is mainly thinking with practical operation, mainly to increase the long-term effective flow or fans, not color flow or other fast drainage techniques are needed for a long time will slowly and operation effect, so if you want fast drainage or quick suck powder, can’t waste time watch.

successfully published several articles on the Internet personal views of the article, the fans got a lot of growth, one of the fans on the consultation can share some of the practical skills of Shanghai Longfeng drainage, drainage way about a lot, but in the hands of the keyboard, knocked and knocked, the word write and delete delete and write really, do not know how to better summarize Shanghai Longfeng drainage skills, may be due to the requirements of the readers, leading to the time of writing is no longer the impressions, more is to consider simple and rich connotation of value content to give readers a better understanding, so wrote nearly five hours to share, so much nonsense Cen Huiyu said, following to how to do well the work of Shanghai Longfeng drainage for everyone to share.

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