From the millions of visits in the blog, enlightenment

do network promotion many friends have portal blog, and fewer, there are more than hundreds of. But most of my friends are the portal blog as the chain base, sending a large number of information or publish some articles out of order to release the chain, the blog function seems to be only for the release of the chain. But we look at a map, you will find the portal site blog is not here.


this is a common sense of life class blog, its cumulative access amount has exceeded eleven million, reaching more than 7000 on popularity, and almost every article sites have reproduced, so read the actual amount calculated each article is much higher than this, if we are in this blog article add to our website the effect of the link, you know…… So such a blog is definitely in a top 100. Such a high traffic blog is how to create a

then we look at this blog title of the article, the above headline is very level, extremely attractive, we know that at the bottom of each portal site blog has related articles, this title is very easy to attract other blog visitors click browse, so the title of this writing is very important the title of the article, and it is easy to be included in list, and once included words of the traffic will increase rapidly.


tag method, we know that the tag tag is used to carry out the relevant. The portal is the articles related to all blog articles, so when writing tag tags must be written, and written, it is easy to be a lot of articles related to this article, the opportunity to show becomes larger.


actually to do so much traffic blog the distance I want to do what I said so much, only need you to find. Finally say their feelings, sometimes when we are promoting a website, easy to fall into a small circle of their own, or a small alley, easy to ignore other things, so we should always look at other things, think of yourself as an ordinary netizen, look at the issue from another angle easy to get more good ideas. Interesting article by 贵族宝贝w>


Finally, we look at the

first we look at the content of this blog, this blog is mainly to life tips, such content is to help everyone, but everyone will think it is must understand the content, as the saying goes, content is king, this word at any time and apply in such portals the blog is very important, good content will attract visitors to write your blog address, as a friend, and what your blog directly reproduced the article above, the benefits of self-evident.

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