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we all know that recently the hottest variety show is Hunan TV’s "I am a singer", in the index this month peak of love Shanghai more than 90W, also have the lowest 20W time. The average light "I’m a singer" search five hundred thousand. I believe that there should be a lot of people would consider I am a singer’s website, the best course is the interactive forum. Today inadvertently see such a website, see the website of all aspects of the data, but also to get some data. Here, with everyone under analysis.

in fact, many of the variety show will do. However, if you choose is very important for keywords. The search for up to five hundred thousand of the amount, any search engine will not let go. See "I am a singer" love home, Shanghai accounted for ten of the eight, and the right side there is a strange love > push

I’m a singer premiered in January 18, 2013, plus before planning should probably did in June and July, when most of them don’t know this variety show. The domain name registration date is in 2012 07 on Sept. 13, the record time is 2012-11-05. Can not say, this station has good vision. The domain name is geshou, this is particularly good. Of course, it is estimated there will be COM domain name, webmasters will choose.Tv, just another meaning TV kazakhstan. No doubt that the owners really worth learning in the choice of domain name.




, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, Chinese civilink

forum, the most popular Discuz.

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Shanghai through love chain analysis, I found that the station is about more than 1700. Carefully read, find that most of the links are piled garbage station links, and this is true for Shanghai to grab the love. I am Speechless. The webmaster do main keyword is "I am a singer", "singer YY network", "Chinese ictus (Khan, not to launch on Kazakhstan)", "The Voice of China", "Qi dance", looks like some variety shows most of the fire to do. However, from the top view, I am a singer is the main source of traffic to give you a little, I have to the webmaster wanted to be a singer YY website promotion, the results met the "I am a singer", decisively plus I’m a singer video. The column can be seen from the forum.

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station, is to get traffic in cash. Give love Shanghai Webmaster Tools flow is 3461, but not so much. As of now, the theme of the forum 2062, today 34. Can be seen, traffic is very different. Why is this


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