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in April 26, 1988, China opened its gold key with a registered capital of RMB 740 million. The initial task, however, was to apply for the collection of funds for agricultural support funds, equivalent to a financial company". But as the trust and investment companies in the "noble", its unique background will be doomed to shareholders days after is a "dragon".

I am 04 years of development in Beijing, has been in the native city doing small, also do not have a formal occupation, in order to seek development, improve themselves, I came to Beijing,

demo page provides a test version of the software.

at this time, the sky fell a treasury bond futures. In order to make amends, by then a dive in.

you know, 1992-1995 years is a very special three years in our country. The 92 years since Deng Gongnan tour speech, around the big fast, fixed investment, currency also accelerated, resulting in up to 15% more inflationary pressure.

so in the early 90s of the last century, almost all trust companies were in savage growth.

is no exception, with strong shareholder background, four attack, "where, where to drill, where the heat, where investment", but by the end of 1993, the company not only did not earn what money, but to come up with a bunch of problems, "internal fund management confusion, even on foreign capital budget gold callback projects have appeared in hundreds of millions of dollars in deficit".

at that time, the people were rich, the local government had money, and the central pocket had no money. Therefore, the national debt was mentioned on an unprecedented agenda. To increase the attractiveness of agreed by the state finance to take national debt investment income "October 1994 investment income rate is 8%, the end of the year has exceeded.

of course, by not satisfied with this, especially as entrusted by the people, trust, wealth management, its business scope covers investment funds, mergers and acquisitions, investment loan linkage, stock investment, private business and so on all aspects of "looks like a bank, almost look like insurance, the side is an investment bank, carefully to identify it that is trust".


a week sold 100 sets, how much money have a minimum of 100, some owners said he had no money, I sold him 100,

normal price is more than 200. I sell as much as I want. Because this software development cost is 0, my colleagues developed is not particularly difficult. So we make a lot of money!

it only existed for a short 12 years, but the impact has already gone beyond 12 years, which has affected several generations of investors. Some people say no, and it has had the intersection or is smaller, or the stock market is no entry. It is with a great reputation in the capital arena, once the stock market "Phoenix brew storms on rivers and seas".

can now find the name of the software in sh419,

so the country quickly brake, emergency stop steel, coal, sugar and other commodities futures, the only reserved Treasury futures varieties.

from the beginning of the period of time, there is nothing special, "the style of doing things is very safe, do not do risky things."". Yes, in the no worry for survival, fiscal year billions of budgetary funds to finance company, and "may not be a full finished dialing, on account of the balance of interest is enough for the company".

Treasury futures are not new gadgets, the Shanghai Stock Exchange has been launched in October 1993, but it has not been active.

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