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way cattle in the second quarter net loss of 766 million 900 thousand yuan, the first quarter net loss of 485 million 700 thousand yuan, two quarter loss of 1 billion 250 million yuan. The first half of 2015 was a loss of $466 million, almost 2.7 times that of last year.

all went into a loss,


specific to the business, ticket, online travel by the airlines and direct the new policy pressure; Auto ticketing areas although growing rapidly, but the profit space is limited; the hotel price war will still, Ctrip has been clear, to prevent any attempt to use the price to enter the field of competitors.

I usually choose domain names only, no other, of course, this is just for some foreign projects above. Then, your domain name is taboo as follows:

and so on. Here are some of the main syllables that can be simplified, and some words can be written more colloquial

, C, k=ck

3, the domain name is the combination of letters, but often with "-", although many textbooks say that this does not affect, but you have seen some better standing, and who is the domain name,

Ctrip second quarter attributable to shareholders of the company’s net loss of 521 million yuan RMB, the same below, the figure for the same period last year profit of 143 million yuan. And the first quarter, the net loss that carries Cheng is 1 billion 600 million yuan, the net loss that carries Cheng two quarters exceeds 2 billion 100 million yuan.

, figure 1: loss of four companies unit: RMB



where net second quarter attributable to shareholders net loss of 698 million 800 thousand yuan, the first quarter attributable to where net shareholders net loss of 701 million 200 thousand yuan, two quarters net loss of 1 billion 400 million yuan.


2, a combination of letters and numbers, many people may be affected by the HAO123, love a combination of letters and numbers, and often this combination can be combined to better remember the short domain name, but foreigners do not love.

select the domain name must have meaning and connotation, it is best to phrase, but not more than 3, the overall number of letters not greater than 10, say more than 10 letter domain name I usually feel tired on the keyboard. Here are some techniques. Some words can be simplified. Here are some:

at the end of last year, many analysts predicted that this year could be an important time point for Online Travel Corporation to turn losses into profits. But from the earnings figures released by the line travel company, hopes of ending losses and starting profits this year remain elusive.

Ctrip has said that the loss in the first quarter because of the merger, where the net loss of 1 billion 100 million yuan generated, the two quarter is integrated into where the net loss of 373 million yuan of rmb. However, there is still a 148 million loss in the second quarter, in addition to the amount of net loss

was once the only profitable Ctrip in OTA, where it lost two consecutive quarters as a result of the acquisition. Even according to the calculation method by excluding stock based compensation expense profit, although Ctrip to achieve profitability in the first half, but there has been a double down trend.


first, select the domain name I think is the most important step, if you choose the good domain name, even if you failed, you can also sell the domain name, at least not lose. If you choose a domain name such as INFO, you give it to someone else, and you don’t want it.

many beginners, all love cheap domain name, such as.CN or INFO, ah, such a domain name, if you want to do some things abroad, CN is completely wrong, but I’m in the forum than outdated and some don’t understand foreign professional people a lot, almost no one to do with CN English station, but when I was looking to sell the website information, a lot of people are using CN to do English station, and then sell, mostly in the A5 forum. Although everyone knows that CN will not choose, but many people go to choose INFO, INFO advantage is cheap.

explains some of the key techniques and exceptions:

1 is too long. Although the phrase is easy to search engine friendly, but generally speaking, we still choose a relatively long.


from the previous section, talk about doing some preparatory work, then when you have chosen the host, you have to choose the domain name.

so far, Ctrip, donkey mother parent to King domain where the network culture, the way cattle and three new board listed or have announced second quarter earnings in the first half, the first half of all four companies into a loss situation. Although elong privatization, delisting and the same process of tourism has not yet listed, but the two companies continue to lose, there is no new good news.

and the landscape culture lost 256 million yuan in the first half of 2016, two times the loss in the corresponding period of the first half of last year.

relatively small body size of the way cattle and donkey mother, there have been losses expanded year on year. The entire online travel industry remains mired in losses.

technology one Li Xu

proved that anything cheap is rubbish. Here’s how I started:


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