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remembers that shlf1314 launched a free blog service, and one of the most attractive features was to allow shlf1314 ads to be added. Some people find opportunities to start registering accounts and post articles. But at that time a lot of people are stupid to focus on a blog, although a lot of effort, but does not earn much, then gradually abandoned. Later, a friend showed me his collection of screenshots, thousands of dollars, and created hundreds of shlf1314’s free blogs.

Wangzhuan is not a new vocabulary, there are many young people to join the army every day people go forward with great strength and vigour. The Internet has allowed a batch of hot blooded young people to find the dream, but more people have lost the direction in its gorgeous aperture. The network can make money, and can make big money, this is an indisputable fact, but I found that most of the webmaster in after several months of development is still shy, and finally chose to give up.


after listening to his narrative, I found that many webmasters can not make money, it is not without the so-called project, but they do not know how to accumulate the amount. To be honest, I’m also working on blogging projects, and every blog brings more than two figures a day, but my site IP has been in the thousands. The secret is simple, because I’ve been using software like SKYCC, mass messaging, and several thousand blogs.

primary school teacher told us to change the truth through quantitative, so it is in fact Wangzhuan, product can become much less. One of the biggest feature of the network is to replicate indefinitely, since a small project can make money, why not batch execution of this project? A blog can bring 10 IP for you, then the 1000 blog what is the concept? Give you 1 cents per click alliance, ten thousand hits on income break thousands of

at the end of last year when there is such a discussion, but why did not then back things, I guess it was his mother in sh419 publicity, so….

Remember when

Wangzhuan is like a thin layer of paper, it can be a way to pierce. For those who are still on the road, please think carefully: "there is no money – making project, only"

webmaster news list www.admin5/top

to tell you the truth, if you really say, "hang up Ali Mom" code, you come from sh419’s IP or so many words, it can only be a column outside..


yesterday, a novice friend chatted with me and said, "I haven’t paid any money recently. If I go on like this, I’m afraid I can’t afford to pay for networking.". I asked him what kind of website he was running and how to promote it. What he says is to sell the theme website that sells Taobao product to reduce weight, the main promotion means is to build a blog to Sina group. The effect is OK, but it’s hard to pull the traffic because there are so many people doing now.

in September 6th this year, Taobao announced that sh419 is blocked my station was suddenly down the right, I and many types of stations are basically right down, a common feature is that all the mom of the code, using JS to call, I also studied other Ali Mama code if some sites with similar frame form, basically did not affect the


I believe in hanging directly from Mom, or using two layers of JS calls, and sh419 will stand by you….

I can’t help but Ali mom, mom has at least 100 a day, in my IP dropped a lot of cases, so, I can only sigh here!

I decided to change the format to see the effect, you know, I collected millions of 2000IP came here, it’s not good to talk.

many friends in contact with a project, the most often do is follow the steps in the tutorial, step-by-step implementation, operation a few days later found no income, then gave up. In fact, no income has nothing to do with the project, but because they are too eager for quick success and instant loss, ignoring the accumulation of the amount. There are many higher master, their success is not wise, but to know how to understand, through quantitative change to qualitative change.


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