How does Pinterest assemble its popularity worth $2 billion 500 millionDon’t underestimate the entre


show off the threshold,

, it was during this time that Crew made their website home page. When choose the pictures for the home, they try again: the optional range of photo, or look bad, or the price is too high, or expensive and bad.

Pinterest allows users to have enough space to show themselves, and the cost and threshold of this presentation are very low.

Crew mobile phone application development platform

Unsplash was born this way.

in the social field, after Facebook, rarely such subversive initiative. And compared to Facebook in Colleges and universities to quickly attract students, users, Pinterest successfully captured a large number of female users heart. And Pinterest can so fire, also cannot leave the invisible support of these female users.

Pinterest was founded only 3 years, the latest round of access to $200 million scale of financing, after the completion of this round of financing, Pinterest has valued $2 billion 500 million.

Crew no money, no self willed.

and Crew for a photographer, in an ordinary coffee shop framing took a stack; and home page with a photo, so finally came out many good. After repeated consideration, the team believes that there are many enterprises, many people and they have the same troubles, so put the surplus photos put all the network, as a free web material.

although a moment can not stop, but at that time Crew want to survive, still need to find another way to speed up growth.


tragedy is that no one knows it What’s the name?.

pin Pin to his interest Interest this way has become a source of Pinterest content, the content will attract more users, and new users will have more content, in order to carry out healthy development.

of course, in order to encourage the creation of more content, first of all, you need to pay attention to the user generated content, the threshold should be low enough.

Crew basically keeps the frequency of ten and ten graphs, updates Unsplash regularly, and puts Unsplash’s web link on H>

, if you do a APP, cash flow is only 3 months, and then no customers will say goodbye, and then you have no money marketing. What about it? With the help of project marketing, this is a case of bringing back the dead.

a year and a half ago, Crew was faced with the same thing:

has created a completely new web model, but Pinterest’s success is more than just the creation of a "waterfall flow" layout for its Web site.


here is an earlier version of the Unsplash home page screenshot


is headquartered in Canada Montreal formerly known as Ooomf is a software development project and short-term developers, programmers are connected to the network platform, the author Mikael Cho is a co-founder of Crew. This article comes from Crew bowen.

so Crew has to find customers for himself.

blog propaganda let the crisis better, but to rely on it to win, at least a few months. Developed a reputation of the products is imperative, but also very time-consuming.

and they change the mode of operation, only 3 months of cash flow deficit, did not turn over to say goodbye to the world. Just sauce.

The user through the

Pinterest is a monthly unique visitors recorded in the history of the Internet is the fastest breakthrough million independent website, currently more than 30 million unique visitors per month, most of them are the high level of education and income of young women. Pinterest is the attraction of these women from past shopping to another kind of "shopping".

part of the female users have their own taste, the user can choose to display on the Pinterest, to produce high quality content, and to replace the actual "shopping" in the process of bringing the "satisfaction", which can attract other users in the social platform of the eyeball, get some satisfaction from.



Crew team knew they had to keep going and grow up. They did not know, however, that what lay before them was the long, thorny road.

what? You have to ask the marketing budget? Please, no money is good.

many websites have joined Pinterest to share. By sharing the button, the user can do it with very few steps

Pinterest was formally launched in March 2010, and in August of the following year, it was named "the 50 best websites in 2011" by American time magazine". By 2012, Pinterest had beaten Linkedin, Youtube and Google+ in just two years, making it the third largest social networking site in the United states.

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has high quality female users,

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