Entrepreneurship is a way of life, and the core of this age is allowing trial and errorStart a good

Xu Xiaoping said: "I think, first of all, you have the courage to quit your McKinsey job and that’s your biggest quality.". You quit now, then start your business and go to an investor, and you’ll find the right place for you. I know a famous overseas student. Now think back. When a famous foreign company to let him do their China Department CEO, then talk to him, but at that moment, talk about he woke up and he was astonished to realize that, he is now doing, is nothing more than the annual salary from 1 million to 1 million 200 thousand, from a bonus of 5% to 7%. Then he immediately thought it was boring.

entrepreneurship is a lifestyle choice, but from McKinsey to entrepreneurship, it is a turning point in values. Five years ago, when you graduated from Harvard, you could find a top 500 company with an annual salary of $100 thousand, which is the climax of your life. But in recent five years, with the rising tide of entrepreneurship. These 10 tens of thousands of dollars have been poor, even to say, is a poor choice. This is a historic change in the trend of the times we witness. You see, the man I gave an example of, in that instant, immediately felt that it was hard to be an American CEO!

first, the new business model. Store baby spent more than three thousand yuan self built goods storage warehouses and infrastructure, of which five are distributed in Shanghai, Chengdu, obligations, Guangzhou and Hangzhou and other small commodities and clothing, bags and distribution centers. The company has a special logistics staff engaged in product selection, procurement, sorting, storage and receiving and delivery. And all agents Baby online shop users, in fact, played a salesman role, as long as the reception of customers can do.

when I was in Baer, Lao Shu looked for Xiaoping, and then came to me. Xiaoping didn’t have much

shop in 2015

network agent sale is expected to become the new normal

if you’re still at work, even if the opportunity comes to you, you don’t think it’s an opportunity, because you don’t have the sharpness of choice.

Wang Qiang: in fact, resignation is very important, when you fall into the moment, when you cut off your own path, in fact, you search for all the opportunities have been started.

open shop to do the virtual is simple, as long as the handheld software automatically recharge it, all the purchase, delivery, shop decoration and superior agent can help complete the problem, but is not easy to make money. Especially in the past two years, Taobao itself not only improves the ability to prevent, virtual and real credit reputation separately, to let the virtual real difficulties, awfuller is taobao and each communication company joined the network recharge industry, seize the vast majority of users, make the virtual shop in the winter it is one disaster after another. Precisely because of this, the new agent consignment management model came into being, and is being filled step by step with the traditional physical sales shop. Here we look at the kind of online shop agent consignment business model. Do not understand, you can add my 381713669 professional guidance, novice shop, package teaching package will be.

third, product data package integration, lower cost. As we all know, mass production of finished goods is much lower than the individually made ones, and the decoration of the shop is the same. Same product, if two people do mesh >

in the event it real funds, a work for two years after graduating from McKinsey boy asked Xu Xiaoping to join a team, need what kind of quality, the quality and to what extent is enough.

to "store baby" a special kind of software for online consignment as an example, it is by Shanghai’s Agel Ecommerce Ltd independent research and development, specifically for the network business users, to provide clothing, footwear, luggage, food, 3C, digital products such as commodity supply a software, but also a new model of network shop. The new model is mainly embodied in three aspects:

but at this point, the boy actually quit without any chance of going home and, in turn, resigned. Because he resigned, no official, a light. There are more opportunities. It’s like falling in love, breaking up, and getting ready for a new goal at this point.

Abstract in a real fund, a work for two years after graduation in McKinsey boy asked Xu Xiaoping to join a team, need what kind of quality, the quality and to what extent is enough. Xu Xiaoping said: "first of all, you dare to quit your McKinsey job, is your greatest quality.".

shop is not easy to open a shop more difficult, especially in those days has just started, the tedious steps, body, ID scan, online banking, Alipay, personal information verification and other kinds of materials need to be prepared, enough for a man who has no patience to give up the dream of entrepreneurship shop. But this is also a beginning, the latter product delivery, selection, looking for model photography, photo beautification, pictures shelves, enhance reputation, marketing is a headache. If you open an entity shop with two people do a person’s life, then open shop is to let a person do two people’s lives.

second, product variety, update in time. The front of the shop manager likened the salesman, but did not say a salesman, because a single product shop baby goods warehouse is different from a single manufacturer, it is set 100 product advantage in a product, not only forms, but also followed the trend, update.

, this is something we could never have imagined. But I am in the New Oriental, I have looked at the transformation of talent values abroad. At that time, going abroad is the future. Get a green card is the future, but now this situation has begun to change, entrepreneurship is a great spirit.

real fund founder, New Oriental co-founder Xu Xiaoping

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