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hunting cloud!

the most exciting things during the Spring Festival are the Spring Festival, the red envelopes and the collection of happiness.

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Abstract: according to statistics, in 2016, enterprise services, sports entertainment, electricity providers and medical several major areas have become a new outlet for capital pursuit. In the coming 2017, there will be some changes in the venture capital field. We would like to make a bold prediction here for your reference.

, China excellent car group and Volvo has a good history of cooperation, China has excellent car rental, car business for Volvo procurement of new energy vehicles, in the media to try to drive the lease and rental business long car and other aspects of cooperation. The strategic cooperation, especially in car repurchase and auto finance and other aspects of all-round cooperation reached, it was further deepened cooperation.

broadcast: April 2016 Facebook June YouTube Live on the line, fully open broadcast function, the August 2016 acquisition of Microsoft Beam and Periscope live broadcast platform, football games and NFL cooperation, in April 2016, red net Papi sauce patch advertising bidding live 22 million yuan hammer; December 2016.

according to the introduction of China, China has nearly 100 thousand car rental vehicles, more than 100 types of vehicles


chat robot: according to BotFunded. Statistics show that last year more than 200 million dollars of funds poured into the chat robot start-ups.

Volvo executive vice president Xiang Dongping said, "China auto rental is the domestic car industry’s absolute leading brands, Volvo and China auto rental cooperation can not only expand the company’s direct sales network and customer channels, but also through its nationwide service network brand and product promotion, can make more users of this new Volvo S90 luxury sedan product depth test drive experience, understand the new technology."

The whole industry chain

as one of Volvo’s most important models, Volvo S90 long wheelbase luxury sedan listed in December 2016, the Department of automatic driver assistance technology, intelligent vehicle interconnection system. China super car group this purchase of 300 S90 luxury car will be used for its "China auto rental" self drive business, to meet the needs of high-end users of the car.

May 18th, 36 days before and after krypton Creek, China excellent car group and Volvo automobile signed a strategic cooperation in Shanghai, the two sides will expand the depth of cooperation in all directions in the purchase of vehicles, vehicles, cars and other aspects of the financial repurchase. Under the agreement, the Shenzhou super car group will purchase luxury cars to Volvo cars. At the delivery ceremony today, the Volvo car delivered its first batch of 300 Volvo S90 long wheelbase luxury cars to the Shenzhou China car group.

what’s the hottest industry in the 2016? Chat bots, VR/AR, drones, driverless cars, live broadcast, SaaS, shared economy.

2016 hot look back at

Vice president of Sales and sales network Chinese company

driverless car: March 2016 General Motors announced a record prices of $1 billion acquisition of Cruise autopilot; August 2016 Uber price of $700 million acquisition of driverless trucks Otto; October 2016 Tesla announced the construction of unmanned car sharing network; December 2016 shlf1314 announced unmanned project to set up Waymo.


well, 2016 layoffs worth mentioning, collapse, is past. Starting a business in 2017 is what we really need to be concerned about. What new plan? Wish to follow Junlai learning


and Shenzhou car group depth focusing travel and car, there’s a car, Shenzhou, Shenzhou car rental car business platform in China to buy a car, car and car loans and other financial China flash four major business sectors. Up to now, China’s car rental service network has covered 97 major cities in the country, in a second tier cities and major tourist cities, there are 815 direct outlets.

home laws to ask you: how much did the year-end bonus, get it? It really makes a lot of entrepreneurs plug at heart. If you work for a big Internet Co, you can also show off your red packets. Oneself is hard forced CEO words, that also can smile not to speak. However, everyone is anxious to catch the Spring Festival period, many people still stick to their posts, for example by the media such as hunting cloud network still need to convey the contents for everyone, part of investors and entrepreneurs. A few days ago, Ren Zhengfei was still the boss this year before the HUAWEI forum outburst, titled "Ren Zhengfei: still a fart!" anger brush circle of friends, said three speak a department of the forum to general unbearable: so good performance for fudge who like by acting. Hunting cloud gentleman just want to say: whether big enterprise or small enterprise, down-to-earth is the kingly way ah,

China and new car Guo said, "from the Nordic luxury car brand Volvo won, Volvo S90 joined the Shenzhou car rental fleet, will give users more choices and better meet the user experience, business travel, family travel and other car demand. The addition of new vehicles will reduce the average age of China’s car rental, and make the car safer and more reliable."

according to the strategic cooperation agreement signed by both parties, in addition to the depth of cooperation in the vehicle purchase and repurchase, China excellent car group under the China auto finance business car flash loan products will be fully settled in Volvo 4S stores nationwide, providing better consumer experience from China financial services for Volvo users.

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