On August the GG account is blocked the memory available to the novice as a guideThe blue reflection

"in the past you can find a lot of this type of producer, results money out of many, but not a great product." Wang Feng, for example. We in the early start.

Beijing Wangjing, a huge poster hanging downstairs Qiming building reads: "Innovationin mobile games from 2013", two days ago here in La Gang online announced the transition to the mobile game business, the original end of the tour, although Webpage Game continue to update, but no longer approved new projects, has been in the stage of research and development project code named double sealed. CTO, cancel operations center and R & D center, and will operate, propaganda, integrated into the project group, jointly responsible for the results of project.

my station is a station of 15 thousand PV, IP is about 40 thousand


, a top angel investor in the game world, has repeatedly suffered setbacks in his own venture projects. Wang Feng has reflected on the Tencent’s scientific and Technological Development for 6 years, and his own thinking about the game industry. He believes that the game company should return to the essence, that is, product oriented.


technology Tencent Fang Kun reported in April 3rd

love: https://s.shlf1314/adsense/s… =57153& hl=zh_CN.

! LineKong

recently, when looking at records, we found that your AdSense account poses a great risk to our AdWords advertisers. If your account continues to remain in our publisher network, may make our advertisers on economic losses, so we have decided to disable your account.

, in August 5th, my GG account was blocked, and the $more than 600 in it was gone!

in order to protect the interests of our advertisers and other AdSense publishers, we must take this measure, please understand. We know that this may cause you a lot of inconvenience and thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

‘s adjustment was described as a gamble by the industry. Yesterday, LineKong founder, CEO Wang Feng in an interview with the Tencent of science and technology, it is said this is a transformation of no retreat.

GG account is my application in May 2007, the first use of a long earned 100 U.S. dollars, just in time to catch up with the Western Union, is to get it. Then a long time, ah, that’s enough for 200 dollars, in March this year, because of work reasons, there is no time to take, and then point down the payment of reservations. There has been no way to manage, the site traffic is rising, money has been rising, from the previous day 1 U.S. dollars rose to the highest day of 20 U. s.dollars, the basic average of 8-10 U. s.dollars per day. 15 thousand IP station, this money normal?. On the night of July 25th, I suddenly remembered that I had time to withdraw money now, so I studied the cancellation of the payment and kept it, because I didn’t do it, so I searched for it in sh419. Found a lot of sensitive topics inside, there are said to cancel the payment of reservations, the account will be closed, do not care too much. I thought it was impossible, so I contacted shlf1314 and asked to cancel the payment. I sent it on the night of the second day. I was told that it had been cancelled and I thought the work was so efficient. I don’t really care about it time is July 26th.

if you have any questions about your account or the measures we have taken, please don’t reply to this email. You can visit the following website for details about


, I don’t want to discuss cheating without cheating here, so it’s meaningless to talk about it,

," 6 years ago, we shouted the slogan ‘3 years in the ranks of a line of gaming companies, earning tens of millions of dollars’, and now, this is a pretty stupid target." Wang Feng believes that this goal is stupid, not because they did not do, but the precious energy concerned about the rivers and lakes ranking has no meaning, only good products is the core competitiveness.

founder Wang Feng

end tour era, the industry’s main policy and producer positions over elevation. Wang Feng said, in the past a number to the end of the tour, producer role attribute difference of understanding, but not easy to listen to different opinions, these people have a smattering of knowledge in the future development tendency of the game and mobile Internet, the number of people at the end of the travel market has a considerable number of.

shouldn’t pay too much attention to

The name of the

Wang Feng in the past few years, the domestic investment in the most successful tour company kylin game and most successful game company Webpage Game Valley, recently touted by the mobile phone game "my name is MT" is in the early stage of accepted Wang Feng’s angel investment. But we created their own online only to swim at the top of the market decline, and missed the first wave of development opportunities Webpage Game. In his 6 years of entrepreneurial career reflection is admitted, if not the initial $20 million financing, LineKong may even hold less than now.


on August 5, 2008, in the morning up the habit of entering, take a look at the account, no problem, 3-5 in the afternoon to see again, and no problem GG should be this time to see it. More than 7 in the evening, into their mailbox, read the next mail, >

GG account is invalid, too many clicks, the background has not been able to enter. Fortunately, I had a map that? Memories of it


introduction this adjustment has been called a big gamble in the industry.

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