Some skills of online voting Wangzhuan and need to pay attention toMy view on the chain Market

2, for ADSL users, namely dial-up make friends can change IP to do the task to vote i.e. off net IP redial change so you can earn more money.

5, if you can stick to it every day, and go to the development of referrals, the daily income of 5-20 yuan, do more than 30 yuan, these are required to master the skills and efforts to find offline can do.

my station from PR2 to PR0, there are many sh419 included new sites. There are some customers, as long as sh419 included in the link, it is a strong man ah.

began to reflect on the following questions:


three, a website output how many outside the chain is more reasonable,

1, PR how much is it,

1, apply for a domestic network bank Alipay account, and the need to upload identity authentication, so as to cash, money is paid to you through the Alipay guarantee the absolute credibility. Many new people are not certified, so you receive the money can not be presented, it would be bad, and want to transfer money to the bank card is not good.

after a month, I began to contact the buyer to renew, renew the lost part; part; part does not renew.

plus the first chain, I began to have second, third…… dozens of customers; income from a 5 yuan, 3 yuan, 4 yuan; there are also major clients outside the chain of a one-time purchase of 120 yuan; there are 3 months of continuous purchase chain with customers; intermediary; with , no reply to each other, each other long term customers… What…. customers have. Fortunately, all of my clients pay immediately after I have been on the link for a few minutes. Here I would like to thank these sincere webmaster, let me believe that there is more than a cheater on the internet.

101 site plan,, my blog,

, especially the third question, I think it’s a question of your website and the customer. Prices can be determined by the market, but quality is equally important.

3, suitable for long time online friends to join, online every day for more than 5 hours.

is also making money online voting, also need to master certain skills, but also pay attention to some things, it is easy to forget the most novice things, mentioned below, hope we can master the method of voting project operation. Vote money, simply participate in some polling tasks to gain, just began to apply for a Alipay account, and not by the real name authentication, and then in a few voting platform to register as a member, try a day, do some voting tasks, surprised to find that Alipay was more than 5 yuan. Although less money, but I also make money online from the pot of gold, naturally happy. This is the first time to do Wangzhuan voting project, get the benefits, which have some faith in it, so he determined to do it, and earn more money.

two, how much is the engine included,

Wangzhuan skills is very important to want to make money on the network of friends, to master a certain amount of money skills can make you more effective, if you do not know what to do, and no experience project is just a waste of time, the result is often not a penny earned, so we want to see more tutorials and learn some Wangzhuan skills, it is better to allow you to complete the task, in order to earn money.

has a certain understanding of the money making project, and it also summarizes some useful things from practice and points for attention:

After more than a month of chain buying and selling,

here are two good domestic voting Wangzhuan platform to join, the credibility of the first payment on time, not a friend can go to the official website to see the tutorial, a school would be, not complicated, easy to use.


whatever you are doing and what type of Wangzhuan project, need to pay, so vote money project, there must be a constant.


I started buying and selling the chain from March 26th, when I was in the mood to play and added the first person to sell the chain. Occasionally look at the webmaster network, but rarely stop in the Trading Forum, because the information there is very miscellaneous, very chaotic, and most of the advertising.

would like to discuss with you: 2413670, my .

4, have patience, here is the labor to make money, according to you vote for us to vote, not pie in the sky. No patient friend don’t join, because do Wangzhuan voting is relatively hard, spend a lot of time, if you want something that is not possible, remember, there is no free lunch!

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