You still buy buy buy Korean clothing in the application already listed on the new boardPlus Septem

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at present, starry has a long list of shareholders, the company chairman Zhao Yingguang, deputy general manager Zhang Hongxia, deputy general manager Liu Junguang, deputy general manager Du Tingguo, deputy general manager Wu Zhentao five were holding 18.1538%, 10.7383%, 10.7383%, 6.6026%, 4.9385% stake, $>

C round of financing: in August 2015, King Lin Jingqi invested 53 million 840 thousand, Jing Lin Xi region invested 9 million 500 thousand, King Lin Jiusheng invested 74 million 520 thousand, Shenzhen gained 12 million 110 thousand funded, KIC Phoenix invested 16 million 710 thousand of the original shareholders invested 39 million 760 thousand JollyView.

D round of financing: in September 2015, Zhuhai qianheng invested 10 million, invested 15 million former Thai Han Li; Han Li Chun before the original shareholders invested 10 million, nine invested 60 million Sheng Jing Lin.

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A round of financing: in February 2015, JollyView invested 18 million 100 thousand, BigProfit invested 18 million 100 thousand, BestJolly invested 6 million 380 thousand.

headquarters is located in Shandong Ji’nan clothing enterprises starry recently formally submitted a new three board listing application, according to the equity transfer instructions, Korean clothing care for the main business of garment design, production and sales, the main source of income for fast fashion dress.

B round of financing: in June 2015, KIP17 invested 17 million 940 thousand, JollyView invested 1 million 720 thousand.

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the prospectus also shows that Han clothing in 2015 had four rounds of financing, respectively unit: RMB:

2014, the Korean clothing house revenue 830 million yuan, of which women’s clothing accounted for as much as 80%; in 2015, the company revenue reached 1 billion 260 million yuan, women’s accounts for the same as high as 73.3%.

Korean clothing House said that their clothing mainly adopts B2C model for external sales. However, what is interesting is that the single largest source of revenue for the Korean clothing house is another electricity supplier vip. In 2014, vip contributed 180 million of its revenue to Korea’s clothing house, accounting for 21%; in 2015, vip contributed 340 million of its revenue to Korea’s clothing house, accounting for 27%.

2014 and 2015, the company’s main business margin was 34.83%, 39.42%, respectively, and net profit of -3756 yuan, 33 million 200 thousand yuan. In other words, the Korean garment house successfully achieved profitability in 2015.


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