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so in 2006~2008, we summed up two sentences about online business success:

, on the other hand, is the expansion of the college entrance examination. In 2007, the university plans to enroll 5 million 670 thousand people, with an enrollment rate of about 50%, up from 61.> 3 years later

1 networks is replicable. 2 do things you can’t do, ask someone else to do it.

1. Why don’t newcomers make money?

network for seven or eight years, with the team also have 4~5 years, with a lot of successful entrepreneurs, but most people will give up halfway, these successful people are mainly two types of people: one is a college student or graduate, they are familiar with the network environment, the technology is not very understand, but familiar with the Internet phenomenon, and more free time, learning ability is relatively strong, the key is the ability to copy, so when the new project launch, they rushed to the first time; the other is a class on the ground to do business is relatively successful, they enter the network when they the management model and model are applied to the network. For example, do not understand technology, they would go to the recruitment of technical personnel, do not understand the project, they may even go to spend money to buy This is the two visit, I found the phenomenon of success do wangzhuan.

the same project, why university students and businessmen can do Wangzhuan, and most people can not do it? Is not done, but most people don’t act, no action is not reluctant to make money, but I do feel unable to start, take the English station to promote the shlf1314 project for college students learning ability is very strong, they soon learned to set up a simple CMS website, so they can quickly move, the merchants need to see business opportunities, they will soon go to hire someone to help his site, so these two types of people can quickly make the station was built up, and most people because they do not understand the technology what happened, and habits by themselves to do so, they are busy to study construction, then think Wangzhuan this project technology is too difficult, so I give up The.

in the eyes of many, as the New Oriental English training field, not in the Beida Jade Bird IT training industry, open education to join the first of its kind, including franchise management, facade design, classroom layout and post management etc.. Beida Jade Bird also to some extent to promote the IT training industry boom, Huayu international and Wuhan Siyuan IT training school is born out of it. In addition, it also carries a lot of talent for the education and training sector, such as the subject English founder Xia Yufeng.

50% do Wangzhuan didn’t come over because of technical barriers, because of their style of doing things accustomed to what things to yourself, not what you want to learn, actually this is wrong, not what to do, to allow others to complete their own do things for themselves. In the group, I often ask some friends, what have you been up to? How to build some of them said in the study, some people in some basic training, and they are willing to come up with money is rarely willing to look for someone else to do the job, many people think that time is not the cost, the purpose is to save those people looking for take the technical fees, actually this is wrong style.

The success of

"the trend of its decline is so obvious that I even think it is going to close."." Talking about Beida Jade Bird, once the franchisee Zhao Ming alias can not help feeling. In the opinion of most people, the decline is prize.the, even out of the industry view. From the more than 240 campuses in 2008 to now only 10 campuses, from IT education market share accounted for 39.8% to be forgotten, from the annual turnover of more than 2 billion yuan to nothing to say, Beida Jade Bird used less than 5 years.

Beida Jade Bird wind and water, there is an important reason is that before 2005, through the college entrance examination, more difficult to go to college. Many people can not go to college, Bluebird is aimed at these people IT knowledge training, for them to some extent to solve the employment problem. In addition, the quality of IT education at that time was very poor, and students could really play a better role in practice through the study of Beida Jade bird.

April 3, 2006, with the "you should recharge" advertising films in CCTV broadcast, has been ready for nearly 7 years of Beida Jade Bird began to enter the household. Beida Jade Bird joined the campus in the country everywhere, to 2007, the mainland in addition to Qinghai and Tibet, there are Beida Jade Bird campus. Of course, the franchisee’s positive premise is high profit – then a teaching center is easy to recruit 500 people a year, each student tuition at least 10 thousand yuan per year, and all are paid, no accounts receivable. "The cost of less than half, is nothing more than to find a few knowledgeable people, rent a place, someone to make an advertisement, the training effect is good, is another." Zhao Ming discloses to dark horse elder brother.

but the biggest problem is that good times don’t last long, the market has changed. On the one hand, IT industry is becoming more and more mature and becoming more and more detailed. The time has come to learn one of the most basic programming skills that can work anywhere. In recent years, there are JAVA, games, animation and testing, as well as the rise of Android and iOS. There are few institutions to cover such a large area, after all, develop material development and employment system are hard row to hoe. Of course, some people still do training in these segments, such as 51Test specializing in test training, sub embedded education only embedded training, Feng Feng only do Android training.

network do Wangzhuan, technology is the most main part, so don’t waste time on the real network do bad, basically is.

1., the vast majority of junior entrepreneurs, because of technical barriers and give up network start-ups.

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