Fellow uncle, investors talk about the development trend of network red large D P and net red star

5. combines portable walkie talkie, send request information to the driver, and improve the docking of information.

, new media and self media, large and web red

2. requires 6 seconds to update, accept bookings, diversify consumer choice,

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opened in 2016, Papi sauce hot let net red became a hot market, the market focus on the high valuations and gossip is far higher than the thinking of this new industry business model and investment value. As one of the participants in the boom, here briefly talk about our views and views on the industry, combing our investment uncle uncle business logic, to provide you with some reference.

1, new media

large accurate, is "from the media known ID" short name, net red is "from the media well-known character ID", the two key words are "big" and "red", are the expression of a large number of fans. It should be said that the large size includes the net red, and the net red is a subdivision of the large size.

new media and from the media, large and net red 4 words are often used, often confused, so first talk about the 4 words and differences.

via I dark horse by innotition

3. meet without limit and transportation

fellow uncle is our last November close project, if you count the earliest investors Sequoia Capital, uncle should be considered and a group of mind thinking to get one of the nets of venture capital funds.

4. raises 40% of customers and adds new passengers to

Cabulous is a SanFrancisco in a taxi dispatching platform, they announced the day before the A $8 million round of financing news. At present, the company has 15 employees, it can be described as a small team, memorabilia potential stocks. The Cabulous taxi scheduling mobile platform now offers multiple versions of downloads, including apple iOS systems and Android systems. The operation is very simple: when the user registers, he sees the ants on the map, and each of them is an empty taxi. Users simply enter the phone number and specific location, you can rest assured that the arrival of the taxi. Users can choose cash payment, or through the Cabulous company’s application card, flexible and convenient.

many people will ask how much the number of fans of "big" and "red"? If pure investment from the perspective of value, we think that the number of fans to have at least 1 million of it, not the magnitude of the business space is limited, the investment value will be greatly reduced.  

2, from the media

intelligent mobile car platform Cabulous, not only increased consumer choice of new users, not only in the book in the telephone consultation and website; and improve the efficiency of taxi companies, increasing the overall revenue. So convenient and intelligent new car rental way, it is difficult to let the pain has been in the car rental ranks of consumers heart yearning, we also hope that this model in China can quickly take root and germinate.

, let’s look at the taxi company’s help:


breakdown, this with the aid of LBS and intelligent statistical data system and create a new car rental model, should be second. The first report was a Israel Corp GetTaxi, similar to the Cabulous model, but serves the NewYork region. Let’s take a look at the status of platform Cabulous.

has broken the traditional portal media model from the media, and has typical characteristics of "centering". At the same time, as a product of social networking, but also with the social platform iteration and migration, the main battlefield from the early forum, blog switch to micro-blog, WeChat, and then to today’s live platform. In the mobile era, social networking has become dominant, and since the media has been prosperous, it can be said that today is the most prosperous period from the media.


new media definition covers the widest range of traditional media, can be said to be new media. New media in the form of constant self evolution and evolution, from the portal to the vertical portal, from the forum to the blog, and from blog to micro-blog and WeChat, mobile this year to A new force suddenly rises. live, basically every 3 years there is an iterative update. Probably from the blog era social elements began to integrate the Internet, social networking users and users can directly link with quality content output capacity of users will be other users, which evolved from the media and fans.

sorting out the relationship between these words, we this article is actually talking about the large, natural also includes the net red, in this note, the back is not much explanation.

1. visualization of vehicle management to improve the company’s empty driving management 50% of taxis are in idle state

3, tuba and net red

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