Operating local video station, annual income can be more than six millionThank you webmaster Unicorn




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prizes issued: August 21-8, 31, we will statistics winning results, check receipt information, issued a super prize, announced the express number,

value of 3888 of the country line, the original IPAD, the 2 generation 16G, WiFi, black and white 2 color optional; famous entertainment, Internet, game artifact

1: in order to confirm the fairness, fairness and authenticity of the activities, Kirin decision is as follows:

activity time: July 10th, 0, –8, 20, 24,


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awards setting:

          integrated entertainment video station is too much, the forerunner of the death of many later, more difficult to have the opportunity; comprehensive real estate stand too much, forerunner of fierce competition, but more difficult to have the opportunity. However, if you combine these two, start from the local, a new model – the local video viewing station, will be placed in front of.
        one, about the necessity of existence. Now, in large and medium-sized cities, hundreds of thousands of houses, many times, a property buyers earn money for life is enough to buy an ordinary house. Therefore, the vast majority of property buyers are often cautious before deciding to buy, in order to see the future may be new home real, they would like to have all the local property have been read over. However, newspapers and traditional text type real estate information sites are difficult to give buyers the impression of being on the scene, while a real estate, a real estate site running, and extremely time-consuming and arduous. Undoubtedly, the local video showings station launched to meet the buyers out of house demand, but also make up the newspaper and the traditional text type real estate information website does not provide the house demand defects personally on the scene. In the video to see the station, the development of all video files can be not only consumers repeatedly watch and comparison, we can also study the common repeatedly with relatives and friends, after the relevant information about crystal clear and then decide whether to go to the sales site.
       ; about content collection. Video showings, is to allow buyers from the outdoor traffic, supporting facilities and indoor structure, area and other visual angle to understand his target property situation. Therefore, it is necessary to send people to their own standards for the local new developments and properties for sale in high-quality shooting. Of course, users, including property owners, can also provide homes video, but need to strictly grasp its quality and authenticity.
        three; about promotion. Local video station promotion, mainly using online promotion and offline activities combined. Online promotion, mainly on the local influential sites advertising, hire people in the local influential forums recommend specific property video connections. Offline activities, mainly organizing free showings, on-site showings, posters in the sales offices and real estate transactions, leaflets, souvenirs and other expanded impact.
        four; about earnings. Video showings allow people to stay home and immersive advantages, decided that it is more attractive than newspapers and traditional text type real estate information website, easier to guide the purchase of property buyers. Take Chengdu nearly ten million people, 06 years in Chengdu business daily, West China city newspaper, Sichuan online scol.cn and other media advertising investment in three

first prize: 5 ranked 1-5


rules of activity: according to the income order of all the webmaster friends in Kirin during the activity period. Prizes vary according to the rank.

two award: 10 No. 6-15

has reached an all-time high of 100. Thank you activities will be re opened, absolutely do not miss Oh,

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