Old webmaster experience learn from garbage station idea bigger regular station

station is six years, compared to some senior webmaster I may not too old, but relatively the beginning a lot of friends stand for my six years of doing station experiences should also be out to share with you, the new Adsense will help. Think about these six years to do the station career, from the beginning has been invested in doing garbage stations, doing is a joy, but also really let me reap considerable returns. Of course, by doing traffic Hang alliance advertising, advertising and advertising network popups. And do the dumpster do that for five years, until last year when the CN domain name of the Internet Storm, and special rectification, let me many CN domain name and website to hang up the edge ball, so on the one hand, under the pressure, hand is too long the feeling garbage station should change, so try the effort began to transfer to the station to do regular. But in doing regular station process, but found that the idea of drawing garbage stations do regular stations, in fact, can get quite good results.

one, pay attention to SEO, concentrate on making weights and ranking.

After the

website can not be aimless, carelessly maintained, but as do, put it as a project seriously, take the time to plan, effort and experience, the site of the weight and ranking make up in a certain period of time. This requires that as a webmaster to understand SEO knowledge, such as the settings and layout of keywords, the construction of the site and the chain, etc., these basic learning and application. At the same time, SEO also contains the content of the website update and maintenance, to create the content to fill the website, the website can let visitors satisfied, but also to the search engine friendly, obtain considerable weight by the original and pseudo original content, get the favour of search engine. This truth when doing the dumpster especially, after all, do dumpster do ranking is very important, therefore also accumulated a lot of knowledge of SEO, which also suggest new Adsense must take time to understand and learn about the SEO, for you do stand, whether it is rubbish station or normal station, there are a very important function and influence.

two, pay attention to the "station group" effect, "monopoly" in an area.

here "station group" is not made out of station software of the station, but to use a certain number of sites, such as the use of a number of different IP or server space, of course, not high price can, built a number of specific topics through the station group, separately for each chain and exchange links, and SEO content optimization techniques, these stations are ranked and strive to achieve a certain key words in the forefront of this in a keyword search page will be able to play a role of "monopoly". Then can use pop and jump means, these stations have traffic to that one of the main site, which will further enhance the effective transformation of traffic, the main site of the weight and size of access. So, not only that main station

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