Guests from afar please stay, website users must pay attention to the growth system

this is back to Xiamen to attend the MADCIN conference. The hotel is booked on a famous travel website. Check out, the hotel waiter to do a free hotel discount card to me, see I hesitated, the waiter immediately said: "we have more than 200 hotels in the country more than 100 large and medium-sized city, Kunming, Dali, Lijiang, you also have our hotel chain, whether for business or travel, or to meet friends, card the consumer can offer 15%, anyway, a free card out of the way, and after use and integration, we can draw Travel Awards".

All kinds of hotel discount cards on

listen to her saying so, I agree, because I travel for a year, travel, the reception of friends, it must be unavoidable. Go out my hand has been playing with this card, I have not seen the hotel is not a discount card, but I’m from this card on the Lenovo ZAC day suddenly began speaking at a meeting of the "search traffic into loyal users" content.

I’ve been thinking about this card while

was playing on Gulangyu Islet. It’s really "I’ve got it on paper," and this doesn’t mean that this ordinary hotel gives me a really big lesson about "user growth system".


hotel chain with practical action to tell us, in fact, not only is the search engine into traffic, we use any well-known network platform into the customer (flow) must be given considerable attention, we put them into the "user training system plan" when going through the construction of content system useful to them, and the appropriate user growth incentive policy "and with the support of the promotion plan, as far as possible to retain any chance to find the door to the traveler, they really into loyal users own.

the Baidu "search engine optimization guide 2" that is "on the Internet brand building is made of high quality content and services in exchange for the trust of users of the site content, let the user from a search engine into loyal users from passing the course" — but unfortunately, Baidu can not do exactly what to teach our.

hotel occupancy after the messages have been deleted, if not the hotel waiter this argument, a check out, if someone asked me to the Xiamen hotel meeting when you live, certainly I can only tell you: "I don’t remember, it is ordered online", now in the vast most websites from search engine traffic, even in your shop to buy something, finally, when someone asked him where to buy baby, most people the answer is "Baidu search (Taobao bought)".

from the user psychology, this is very normal, but we as a network marketing must come up with concrete measures to us, such as the hotel, in the annoying situation, but let me remember them for a period of time, which means a period of time, I have the consumption demand, they may.

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