The formation law of local community user’s visiting habit

to cultivate the local community, should always remember these 5 words: environment, reason, interaction, word of mouth, accumulation.

how did the local community come into being? Where did it start?

the sounds we’ve heard are just so: do the content, do the activities, do the promotions. What exactly is the factor or event? Is there a process or a law?

, we look at some specific cases, some new problems and difficulties. All of these problems come from Ning zhe network official website and webmaster group, are the real case:

1, do: use the collector collector; found by search engine punishment, and began to learn SEO; SEO progress, even if there is traffic, local effective traffic is very low; use the SEO to do when 10 thousand IP, found that this is a bottleneck, never go up. So think: what kind of content do? How should I do the content?

2, do activities: for doing activities, we can see two diametrically opposite attitude, technical otaku do not do activities, sales of people who do disorderly activities. In the early days, the station faced 2 questions, where did the active people come from and how did they accumulate their popularity after the event?

3, do promotion: can I use a magazine promotion not? Can with television cooperation? How to promote the website with DM? How to use newspaper website promotion? Can use Internet cafes? Can use tools to promote the daily life, such as paper, fan, desk calendar? Then I also heard a website to send employees riding a bicycle with flags, hand placards, Mancheng.

where is the problem? You from a point of content, activities, promotion of why not? After the attempt failed, people try to start from the industry, but how can you make the door of the apartment layout


two, analysis of the basic principles of the formation of local communities:

, if you do this from the point of view of community, you can’t find the law for a lifetime. You must analyze the problem from the user’s point of view and experience it yourself as a deep community user.

first premise is that no one will be looking for a community called It is without rhyme or reason. things, he must have the motivation; then he will have to find a way to the community; the community to find him to reason; accumulate enough users, takes time.

we formed a user and a group of rules, and then abstract decomposition, we get the article’s first 5 themes:

1, the environment: a good product experience, valuable content, friendly old users.

2 reasons:

, the depth of the user in local community not because of one thing to buy a house, rent, renovation, to find a nanny, find wedding photography, delicacy, looking for children find a playmate, car, etc.. Specific first login website. Without these very real content, why do users want to go to your website,


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