Five categories of goods make your shop make a lot of money, the first recommended clothing category

webmaster brothers, chilling as bitter to your "baby" is brought up, with the flow, how to make money, priority is placed in front of the alliance, liar, the volume of money run away by stationmaster wonangqi, give people a horse, his conscience can not stand again, rather than the establishment of long-term mechanism to do sustainable development of online shop, the way to make money, maybe a lot of people have thought, might as well when I entertain, say to do some planning shop before, you don’t go ~~~

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five categories of goods make your shop make a lot of money, the first recommended clothing category:

class 1: clothing.

"basic necessities of life", the first one is clothing. As long as you search casually, selling clothes online is the most. Although the sale of many people, the competitiveness of large, but also shows that the market demand, vitality.

second: jewelry.

such as various pendants, crystal and so on. Jewelry products have always been the favorite of businessmen and buyers.

third: furniture.

now, people’s living conditions are getting better and better, and more and more fashionable, choose furniture, choose fashion personality furniture is more and more "hobby"".

fourth: electronic.

people in the city, almost everyone uses mobile phones, even in rural areas, mobile phones are also becoming more and more popular. Moreover, DC, small appliances, what products, sold online also become more and more fire.

fifth: Olympic games.

2008 Olympic Games in Beijing is the pride of the Chinese people. With the opening of the Olympic Games approaching, the Olympic Games are becoming more and more popular, and the franchised stores are springing up. Sales of Olympic related goods online shop has become more and more "pet" in the shop".

I locked these five types of goods, I can not all sell, only in accordance with their own ability and interest to choose. At the same time, I would also like to consider what kind of products have more audiences and less risk. For example, the current online shopping force, the majority of students and office workers, and another mainstream is white-collar gens. With these in mind, I plan to enter some clothes and then sell them through my own simple DIY.

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