How to improve the user experience and reduce the jump rate

for a web operator. I think the most afraid of what happens is that you can’t really keep visitors. Every hard work of the webmaster hope that visitors can enjoy their own site and loyal to their site. But in actual operation, we can find that things are not so simple, and sometimes we can not retain visitors. So why our site jumping rate will be high? Do you analyze your site, whether you did not pay attention to the details, and then affect the jump rate?. Only for these details to optimize the work, the site will have a healthy development. The following author on how to reduce the rate of jump to share their views.

first: reduce the irrelevant chain

that cheats users to clickDaily

website promotion without the release of the chain, but many webmaster in the release of the chain is limited to the amount as long as enough, often ignored the relevance of the chain, no matter what platform can be issued by the chain will fall into the net on the chain, this strategy is to "complete big net to catch a big fish, but often did not catch fish" "let oneself site rate rise. So do not pay attention to the details of the construction of the chain is also a lot of sites will jump out of the key reasons for the rate rise. Why? The author give an example, such as our website is designed to help people to do the bidding advertising site, but in some women’s fashion forum in the construction of the chain, such even if the chain weight high, the result is to deceive the user, raise the bounce rate.

As the above

display case, see a link of visitors in a local browsing, the results of a point in found is not related to the content of the site, the visitor’s first feeling is that they are being lied to and immediately close the page, which leads to our site rate soared in the invisible.

coping method: I think we are in the construction of the site for the chain, we must pay attention to the relevance of the chain. When we are in the collection of the chain resources do not just focus on the weight value, but to pay more attention to the correlation with our site, even if the platform weight is not too high, but if the visitors taste can also promote good weight, reduce the rate of jump out.

second: advertising design must comply with visitors browsing experience,

According to the

survey, users of the site has more than 70% visitors to the site of the pop ads extremely offensive, occasionally pop ads make the site user experience has been hit, this is also a lot of traffic site mainly due to the high rate of. In earnings and user experience on the site we will inevitably encounter a dilemma, many owners would love to insert one or two advertising code on the website, but the main is to show the form of pop-up ads. So, as a webmaster, we in the profitability and user experience to make what kind of choice,


coping: for advertising on the site >

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