Grassroots site original content is how to make

is now more and more websites, the website also appeared the problem of homogenization, and now Baidu search only love original things, but most people don’t have their own articles to write, if there is good literary talent, can to be a writer, earn more and easily, do not like the current station day and night may also Xiamang, but how to through the network to produce their own original content.

my new fitness network ( collected in seven days, 14 days a few keywords are ranked in the Baidu home page, that I want to have much credit is at the beginning of the original content is basically about. Here comes the original content of the method of refining

1, forum

Now most

sites have forums, there is the original post, but mostly scattered, or some theme is not clear, need analysis, choose some suitable posts, processed into original content is very good.

2, blog

blog in the integrated web site has become an indispensable channel, and the main web site related to the appropriate content of the blog, can also make good original content.

3, review

‘s comments on some of the big web sites have become a good source of new content. For example, a product review, summarizes the processing of user experience can produce a very good article. I not on the line before the railway station has prepared several good product reviews, to reprint some authoritative forum, have a relatively high degree of.

4, hot


hot spots come out, each website can have a special topic. Can combine the characteristics of this site, combined with processing for the original content.

5, search for

many stations have station search, you can check in the management, look at some keywords search, this site does not have, or more, and then select the processing content.

6, up keywords

many websites have statistics, you can continue to do these things in view of the latest keywords, and make it longer.

7, QQ group

opened the QQ QQ group in the station, we can process some of the content of the publication.

8, vote for

website allows users to contribute, appropriate for reward, you can improve the enthusiasm of users.

9, their own pseudo original

This is the

method, most of the current owners to use the change of the title, then the beginning to write a few words of my own. Change paragraph. In fact, it is still full of time, and an hour can not add many articles, but there is no way, Baidu likes new things.


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