Site 31 days to complete the first round of investment negotiations

heard what king Wang said to everyone, "everybody, do you have any desire to write a little?" actually, it’s easy to write. Write an experience, may be reproduced for all later shine forever, the webmaster can have a bit of deep

has an impact." Inspired by this, I made a summary of the progress of the new project in the past month. I would like to share some of my own experiences and experiences. I would like to write as much as possible and make mistakes as much as possible. I hope everyone will support me more.

step 1:

a month ago, I also was in August 13th, after 1 days of thinking, make a prompt decision to buy domain name, although the price is high, but I think it is very value, because I believe in myself, the domain name will play a greater value in the future operation. Domain name goes smoothly, everything is at ease.

second step,


I have been engaged in Internet related work, almost absolutely ignorant of the textile industry, so my heart is very clear, want to make textile network must first understand the development trend, the textile industry, enterprise dynamic factors, the needs of businesses and other necessary, even to understand the material, the pattern of the product, price and other professional knowledge. Not for mastery, but for familiarity.


on the website first set up a simple page, mainly wholesale price information, the purpose is to attract foreign wholesalers, the effect is very good, I got more than 10 pen wholesale business, in a few days to go with the flow, I let customers come to me, I take them to the city looking for home textile enterprises, looking for the merchant, talk about the price. I put the car behind a large home textile network logo, at this time, textile enterprises, businesses look at the clear, and naturally understand that I have a home textile website, I am very enthusiastic.

for 5 consecutive days, I drove to the home textile city every day, in the know the market, learning knowledge, but also a number of strong home textile boss. At the same time, the big logo behind my car is a flowing billboard. Make sure you make the best of it.

within 5 days, I learned a lot of knowledge, made a lot of friends, have a certain understanding of the textile industry, I know how to operate the web site, which opened a column, how to attract users, to attract enterprises, and the corresponding profit model.

third step:

in August 19th, I made a small change to the homepage of the website. It looks more atmosphere and more like a portal. Then, the news, "global textile network heavily buy" news, has been reprinted by major websites, which also for the next project launched a good foundation for publicity.

in the next 3 days, I began to form a team to recruit, plan, technology, edit, market and so on. At the same time arrange their related work, they are working part-time, to do anything for me, because I know, before the project did not carry out: determine the registered company, rent, hiring and so on things, there are risks, the >

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