Green Action: Forests are not golf courses!

first_imgThe draft proposal of the new Forest Act is the culmination of many years of cynical attitude of all previous authorities towards citizens and their common goods, the Green Action points out in their statement, adding that it is devastating that we have to repeat aloud: FORESTS ARE NOT GOLF COURSES!Zelene akcija is a non-governmental, non-partisan, non-profit and voluntary association of citizens for environmental protection, and we are transmitting their entire statement on the new Forest Act in its entirety:Today is the last day of the public consultation on the said draft, which declares special purpose forests and forests in which the construction of golf courses, camps and other sports and recreational facilities is allowed. The fact that the construction of a golf course – an indoor sport for a select elite most often accompanied by extensive apartmentisation – is allowed on common goods such as forests is scandalous in itself. Instead of banning such practices, and keeping forests for everyone to use, this draft further facilitates the construction of golf courses in forests, and such forests are extinguished by special-purpose forests. Traditionally, special-purpose forests are exclusively forests that need additional protection due to their exceptional value, or forests for which a special management regime has been established in the public interest, for example for the purpose of scientific research or defense.For years, with each new amendment to the Act, we have been convinced that such concessions are necessary and acceptable because they will be exceptional. The result of such a disastrous policy is the increasing degradation of forests and the attempt to present such insane proposals as in the public interest.It should be reminded that the Amendments to the Law in 2006 enabled the transfer of ownership rights from the state to local self-government units (cities and municipalities), which opened the possibility of further privatization and devastation of forests by building on forest land.Amendments to the Act in 2008 focused on the possibility for the state to provide forests and / or forest land to cities and municipalities for the construction of entrepreneurial zones and only on the basis of an urban development plan, without any defined legal criteria for conducting this procedure.Amendments to the 2014 Act, which also provided for the designation of forest golf courses as special purpose forests, were strongly condemned by the profession and citizens. In just a few days, 4100 citizens sent a letter to members of parliament calling for the protection of forests from further devastation and golf apartmentization.There have been a lot of concessions when it comes to our forests. We want a meaningful policy of forest resources management and we strongly oppose the surrender of forests to the needs of various speculators and the so-called Developer. Golf courses in forests should be banned because FORESTS ARE NOT GOLF COURSES!Attachment: DRAFT PROPOSAL FOREST LAWlast_img

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