We bring the reports of the CNTB Representation in the world on the situation on the markets

first_img– TAP Portugal starts flights Milan-Lisbon from 1.6.2020. USA – data from Friday 15.05.2020. – Measures to help save tourism, which include the preservation of jobs for employees in tourism, which are currently almost 100% at the employment office, exceed 19 billion euros. Measures of massive care for tourist workers have been extended until September.  BENELUX – Regarding the opening of borders, they believe that this is crucial for Slovenian tourism. In the coming days, they will intensively prepare protocols with neighboring countries that have a similar epidemiological picture as Slovenia, those who have a good health system are prepared to introduce measures if the spread of the virus occurs. They expect and want to establish such a protocol as soon as possible with Austria and part of Italy where they have a similar situation as Slovenia. -Interior Minister Seehofer said the goal of easing controls was to establish freedom of movement within Europe from mid-June – The game is, of course, very sensitive: tourism – according to the World Bank – represents 20 percent of GDP in Greece, and in Croatia (24%), Portugal (18%), Spain (15%) and Italy (13%) . The opening of hotels and beaches in the coming months in these countries is crucial for a faster economic recovery. Everyone is formally looking for a common European solution. But behind the scenes, many are looking for shortcuts in case of a stalemate in Brussels. Austria and Germany have announced that the borders will reopen from 15 June. Austria wants to do the same with Switzerland. Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia will abolish border controls in two days. Boris Johnson and Emmanuel Macron are studying the agreement to avoid quarantine those traveling between those countries, while Spain has just reaffirmed its isolation obligation for those entering the country. Self-initiated tourist corridors are being prepared: Greece has already reached an agreement with Israel on a health protocol that could activate the arrivals of one million visitors. Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mistotakis has organized several conference calls with his counterparts in Australia, Norway, Austria, Bulgaria, Denmark, the Czech Republic and Singapore to study bilateral acts on common rules on admission to hotels and health passports. The entire industry in the sector, of course, is committed to minimizing obstacles within tight deadlines. Ryanair has announced that – if there aren’t too many obstacles like quarantine – 40% of the fleet will fly again from early July while Easyjet and Wizzair are ready for a gradual recovery. – The Israeli Ministry of Tourism has signed a one-year marketing contract with TravelBrands, one of the leading travel groups in Canada, to develop a successful campaign aimed at promoting Israeli tourism. This project will focus on positioning Israel as a dynamic destination dealing with all tourism segments such as historical and cultural tourism, MICE, adventure tourism and gastronomy. – A large part of the economic damage comes down to a change in consumer behavior – Schiphol Airport in April recorded a drop in traffic of 90% compared to the same month last year. In total, only 127 passengers passed through the airport in April, compared to the 000 million passengers the airport had last year. The number of passengers fell by 6,1%, while the number of cargo flights increased by 98%. 14/05/2020 – From Saturday 16.5. at the German borders with Austria, France, Switzerland and Denmark, controls will be carried out only on individual passengers 14/05/2020 – Foreign citizens who show signs of infection with the virus at the entrance to Slovenia are not allowed to enter the country automatically. Quarantine is still mandatory for persons coming from third countries unless they are visiting close families or have to go to a funeral or do business within the same day. – Controls on the border with Luxembourg will be abolished from Saturday 16.05. – In Italy, 6 low cost airlines have joined forces, accounting for more than 50 percent of total flights from Italy to nearby destinations. BlueAir, EasyJet, Norwegian, Ryanair, Volotea and Vueling have formed a new association AICALF that will represent the interests of low-cost airlines in relation to the Italian state authorities and other institutional bodies. The Italian economy has suffered a huge blow from the coronavirus crisis, and the association will focus on saving jobs and economic growth, and will launch flights across Italy in the near future, boosting the Italian economy. In particular, the association will focus on trying to restore the competitiveness of Italian air transport. The aim will be to ensure that air transport can play a fundamental role in boosting the Italian economy by continuing to create jobs and increase GDP, thus ensuring that the damage currently suffered by Italy is temporary and short-lived. Italy, meanwhile, has re-nationalized Alitalia with an injection of 3,7 billion euros. ICELAND GERMANY Data from Thursday 14.05.2020 Last year’s financial turnover of this tour operator amounted to CHF 100 million, of which 70% was related to foreign programs. Given the COVID-19 crisis and the fall in booking by 50-70%, by introducing domestic programs, tailored to the needs of Swiss guests, STC in cooperation with travel agencies wants to overcome the crisis. – Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said at yesterday’s press conference that it is not yet clear when and to what extent Dutch citizens will be able to travel on holiday this summer. Rutte considers it important to preserve the Dutch travel industry and airlines, and that until the European Union launches proceedings against the countries, tour operators can continue to issue vouchers. It is still unclear what the decision will be in Europe regarding holidays. – The decree was previously repealed in North Rhine-Westphalia. In addition to EU countries, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Switzerland have also been exempted from quarantine. This should make it easier to travel to neighboring countries.  – The United States Department of Transportation (DOT) has issued a second warning to airlines about paying refunds to customers whose flights have been canceled due to a coronavirus epidemic. According to ABC News, DOT officials received more than 25.000 complaints about the lack of a refund between March and April, well above the usual 1.500 identical complaints to the Ministry per month. State Secretary in the Ministry of Transport, Elaine Chao, confirmed that an investigation has been launched into an “unprecedented number of complaints” and that she will make sure that all carriers follow the policy of refunding the funds recommended by the Ministry. “The department is asking all airlines to revise their customer service policies and ensure that they are as flexible and attentive as possible to the needs of passengers facing financial difficulties during that time,” Chao said in a statement. The CNTB office, in cooperation with the most important travel portal in Hungary, agreed to publish a post on their FB page, in which the main prize is a voucher for 2 people, 3 BB services at the Falkensteiner Hotel Iadora in Zadar. The post was purposefully published yesterday, on a rainy day, it also published information about the opening of the border, and it caused unprecedented reactions – in just a few hours, the post collected 2300 likes, 5100 comments and 420 shares. In the comments, many people wrote that they would like to visit Croatia this year, and the total reach so far is 224000! THURSDAY 14.05.2020. -Travel organizer Switzerland Travel Center, the largest travel organizer in Switzerland focused on foreign travel, turns to domestic programs and includes in the offer attractive programs available through travel agencies. 14/05/2020 NORWAY- After announcing on Wednesday that all passengers on the plane will have to wear protective masks, Norwegian changed its decision today and is waiting for the decision of the European Aviation Authorities on measures to control the infection in aircraft. – Austria announces a joint agreement on the opening of borders between Central European countries in mid-June, namely Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Lichtenstein and France. The opening of the borders between Austria and Italy is not yet in the plan of gradual opening, as well as the relaxation of measures restricting the entry of passenger traffic with Spain. With the opening of borders with Germany on June 15, Austria plans to gradually relax border measures and controls with the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Slovenia. – The coronavirus pandemic had the strongest impact on passenger air traffic in April, BUD airport announced. While Budapest Airport had 2019 passengers in April 1, this year there were only 337 passengers last month. The average daily passenger traffic in April 871 was 9870; that number in the same month this year was 2019 passengers / day, including days when traffic did not reach 44.  – Travel organizer Bentour is optimistic about summer programs in Turkey and states that travel in July is likely. – Lufthansa Group plans to establish 1.800 weekly flights by the end of July. Talks are still being held at the European Commission, and Rutte is still unable to give citizens a recommendation on whether they can count on being able to spend the summer or not this summer, as talks are still being held at European and European level. hopes an agreement will be reached in the next 2-3 weeks.  – Virtuoso Travel Week will be held virtually, and the opening ceremony is scheduled for August 10th. In addition to other elements that will be announced soon, a seminar on sustainability “Under one sky” will be held. Dates of the event: August 9-13. – The president of the Italian association Federazione italiana campeggiatori Giovanni Grassi, which has 190 clubs, said that the camps have no problem with accommodation, but questions are asked about the bathroom, common areas, social distancing, use of showers and kitchens, etc. So far more has been canceled of 50% of bookings and there is also the problem of charging the annual rent of campers or mobilhome in campsites, but I see that institutions care more about hotels than campsites. Hoping to open on May 16, we are waiting for government guidance. Faita Federacamping president Maurizio Vianello said turnover in the sector is expected to fall by more than 50 percent. If lucky, overnight stays will drop from 67 million to 30 million. HUNGARY FRANCE 14/05/2020 – The government has confirmed that it will financially protect vouchers issued instead of refunds for delayed trips due to COVID-19, if future trips are also canceled or companies run into financial problems. – Yesterday in the afternoon, the Government of the Republic of Slovenia announced the end of the epidemic in Slovenia at its evening session. With this decision, two things change, the first being that with today’s date 15.05. the obligatory seven-day quarantine for all those who will arrive on the territory of the state is abolished (valid only for residents from EU countries) and that from 31.05. measures adopted by the anti-crown law cease to be valid.  – The Secretary General of the World Tourism Organization congratulated Viktor Orbán on resolving the crisis in the tourism sector, MTI said. The UN Secretary-General, who specializes in tourism, wrote that they were closely monitoring “the incredible work of the Hungarian government in this extraordinary crisis”. Zurab Pololikashvili congratulated Viktor Orbán on his commitment and efforts to help the travel and tourism industry in the social and economic crisis caused by the outbreak of the corona virus, the spokesman said. – Hungarian B2B media write about the possibilities of traveling within the surrounding countries and opening borders, including Croatia. The information is rather vague, mostly talking about business reasons, but no information has been passed on that tourists can enter Croatia with a reservation in one of the accommodation facilities. As the main problem, they cite the obligation of isolation only for 14 days upon return, as well as movement within Hungary, which is still forbidden to Budapest residents. – TUI also reacted to yesterday’s recommendations of the European Commission. On the one hand, TUI is satisfied with the fact that the European Commission accepts vouchers as an important means of protecting and preserving the European tourism industry, but at the same time regrets that the Commission does not agree on a temporary change in European legislation. it is still not fully resolved nor is it sustainable for tour operators, as the refund in cash remains valid, which most tour operators are currently unable to meet. TUI fully understands and is aware of all the rights of consumers who prefer a refund instead of issuing a voucher, but at the same time hopes that consumers will have an understanding for the extremely difficult financial situation and conditions in which tour operators and the travel industry currently find themselves.  Given the evolution of the health crisis and the latest developments and decisions regarding travel restrictions, SETO (association of French tour operators) today recommended to its members to postpone all departures until June 26. They had previously issued a recommendation to postpone all travel until May 30th. SETO represents 80% of French tour operators. – According to the Association of “Hungarian Baths”, it is certainly not expected that they will completely lift the restrictions in Hungarian bathrooms by next summer. For now, the spa that opens can accommodate half the number of guests, and only outdoor pools can be used. Precise and detailed working conditions, binding for all baths, were received from the National Center for Public Health (NNC). Based on them, the number of guests that one spa can receive is limited to half, so each spa can operate with approximately half of its usual capacity. 14/05/2020 POLAND SWITZERLAND 15/05/2020Since June, Swiss Air has been gradually establishing passenger traffic with 190 flights to 41 European destinations. Flights will operate from Zurich and Geneva to Malaga, Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Valencia in Spain; Brindisi, Florence, Naples and Rome in Italy; and for Gothenburg, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Paris, Brussels, Moscow, Amsterdam, Athens, Berlin, Lisbon, London and Porto. – French AIRBUS is announcing a restructuring that could cause the dismissal of 10% of employees, which means more than 10.000 workers. – The Dutch association of tour operators ANVR states that in case their members achieve 20% of last year’s booking, this year they will already consider it a good result. Tour operator Corendon states that they hope to achieve about 30-35% of last year’s result. ANVR also states that if travel during the summer months is not possible, many tour operators and travel agents will not be able to survive without an elaborate plan and assistance from the state, as the sector suffers damage not only from declining revenues but also from damage caused by numerous cancellations. travel or cancel – The European Commission has concluded that in the case of airline tickets, customers should be paid in full for canceled airline tickets due to the coronavirus epidemic or issued vouchers with which customers can subsequently take advantage of canceled flights. However, the airline can only issue a voucher with the client’s consent. It is a measure that has greatly disappointed the airlines of 12 European countries. – Although the number of those who would engage in the activities they engaged in last year continues to increase, there are still a large number of Americans who are still reluctant to travel to distant destinations. The latest survey also compared the public’s willingness to engage in a variety of travel and activities now, weeks after the September 11, 2001 attacks and during the Great Recession (2009). Although engagement lags behind the previous two crises, the Sports and Leisure Research Group says the latest results show consistency in consumer hesitation compared to previous surveys. “Our ability to compare today’s findings with previous crises in 2001 and 2009 makes our 2020 survey particularly relevant,” said Rich Thau, president and co-founder of Engaious. Exactly half of U.S. citizens (50%) firmly agreed that at the end of September 2001, “going on vacation to a destination more than 500 miles away is a priority for them and their families in the next 12 months) so, after 9/11, a one-time event; “Now, during a pandemic, 35% of respondents responded positively in the first survey conducted on April 1, 2020. The conclusion is that for Americans, travel has become a way of life that they do not want to give up even during serious health disasters. The number further jumped to 40% in a survey conducted on April 22, 2020, now in the latest poll that percentage has dropped to 38%. The online survey was conducted on May 5 and 6, 2020, and includes a random sample of Americans identifying themselves as active in sports and recreational activities. At a session last night, the government adopted new measures of concessions. From 18.05., Monday, all shops will be open, and all shopping centers will open, regardless of size. Schools and kindergartens will start operating on Monday. It will be possible to serve indoors catering facilities, and all accommodation units up to a capacity of 30 rooms will be opened. The camps of that mountain house will also open. Facilities with more than 30 rooms, spas, spas, larger hotels, nightclubs and casino clubs remain closed until further notice. Before the Covid-19 crisis, all-inclusive was a regular at the top of Travelzo’s surveys with more than 50% of respondents preferring this holiday style. A May 7 survey also found signs of a change in the image in terms of length of stay, the results showing an increase in the popularity of longer trips. For overseas travel, more than half of respondents prefer 8-14 nights as opposed to shorter 5-7 nights, which were more popular before the pandemic. The Danish government is in the process of harmonizing with other neighboring countries, as the Danes want this to be implemented as a package with several countries. In Denmark, there is a lot of pressure from the tourism industry to open the borders as soon as possible. – Thai hotels, partners of TUI, are worried about their existence because TUI does not pay their debts. TUI promises the payment of part of the debt in the amount of 25% after the acceptance of new contracts, and the rest after the normalization of operations. – Continuing to increase demand and ease travel restrictions around the world, Lufthansa is preparing to restart flights to Canada on June 3, with a three-weekly direct line between Toronto and Frankfurt. – The Hungarian Travel Agency is constantly upgrading and expanding the Covid-19 manual in accordance with the current situation, thus helping tourism entities to reopen the facilities. – After moving this year’s schedule from June 27, 2020 to October 4, 2020, the Italian shipping company SNAV opened reservations for 2021 for Croatia and all those who book with the code ripartiamo2021 until September 30, 2020 receive a 15% discount – The holiday home rental association wants Denmark to open its border with Germany no later than May 21st. The request comes after Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen opened the possibility for German tourists on Thursday night with a rental certificate to spend a holiday in Denmark. – The Italian government is working to ensure that foreign tourists can come to Italy safely this summer, said Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio. “With the decree of May 18, we will determine how it will move within the country,” Di Maio added, in order to avoid “bilateral agreements” between countries aimed at directing the flow of tourists between only some countries. According to the foreign minister, the government’s goal is to allow all tourists in Europe to move equally among countries to freely decide where to go. To this end, Di Maio explained, a video conference was scheduled for Monday, May 18, between the foreign ministers of the EU member states, “with whom we will begin to address the general principles that this summer, including the rest of Europe, they can spend their summers in one of the beautiful places in Italy ”. “We will do our best to create safe tourist corridors,” Di Maio concluded. 14/05/2020 SLOVENIA For the first time in 20 years, AAA will not issue a travel forecast for Memorial Day due to COVID-19. Last year, 43 million Americans traveled on holiday for Memorial Day and it is the second largest number of trips recorded since 2000 since the AAA tracked tourist traffic. Memorial Day 2009 currently holds the record with the lowest travel volume of nearly 31 million passengers. That holiday weekend, which was the end of a major recession, 26,4 million Americans traveled by car, 2,1 million by plane, and nearly 2 million by other forms of transportation (train, cruise, etc.). 14/05/2020 – Crossing the border is possible at several checkpoints on road links with Austria, Italy and Hungary. – The Italian daily La Repubblica writes about Italy and Spain as “cinderellas of Europe” which, since they are more strongly affected by the coronavirus, will remain outside the “tourist corridors”. Countries without a coronavirus or less vulnerable to an epidemic like Greece and Croatia are trying to open tourist corridors for travel with other countries. This redesign of the map of the area where it is possible to go on holiday or not, limits the choice of Italians to go on holiday outside of Italy. Tourist Europe is preparing for the summer “on its own” by allowing Italy to remain neglected. Greece and Croatia, which have a small number of infected people, have been trying in recent weeks to open preferential tourist corridors with other countries less affected by the virus, including Germany. Many Italian regions are pressuring the government to reopen, the same is happening in Europe. CNTB offices around the world have sent reports on the current situation in their countries. The reports provide brief information to get a specific picture of the situation in each country / destination. DENMARK – Regional tourism organizations are making every effort to attract citizens to their region during the summer months. Many Danes expect to spend the summer holidays in Denmark. Experts believe that some campaigns will be just a waste of time because the number of Danish tourists has always been less than foreign ones.  – The restriction of movement has been lifted, and as of today, the work of catering facilities and the holding of worship is allowed.  14/05/2020 – Danish standby.dk writes that Germany is putting indirect pressure on Denmark to open its borders to Germany. The Danish borders are closed until the end of the month. Germany is ready to open the border with Denmark as early as Friday, May 15th. – Eurowings restarts the flight from Budapest to Düsseldorf, twice a week, from 16 May.Re-flights of the following companies have also been announced for June:British Airways to London, Eurowings to Stuttgart, Jet2 to Leeds and Manchester, Qatar Airways to Doha, Ryanair to London and Swiss to Zurich.July – Emirates plans to launch a direct Budapest-Dubai flight, and Ryanair has just announced plans to restart 90 per cent of its network and most of its bases from early July. – The Austrian Association of Travel Agencies (ÖRV) welcomes the gradual opening of borders and calls on the government for the swift and clear government guidelines necessary to ensure planning security in the tourism sector. “We will continue to be vigilant in line with indicators of contagion in Canada. That means we continue to restrict international travel, ”Trudeau said. Ramo We are considering stronger measures to ensure that we monitor people (entries) appropriately because, as we know, as economic activity begins to increase, and as constraints decrease in all countries, we are likely to see some more people returning home or… they are trying to cross the border. ”He added that even after Canada’s own epidemic is under control, a key aspect of avoiding the second wave and spreading it across the country is caution when it comes to travelers entering Canada.AUSTRIA – 15.05 Iceland opens its borders from tomorrow, May 15th. The plan adopted by the Government regarding the entry of foreign nationals was also welcomed by the director of the Icelandic Tourist Association. He believes that one problem would be the already endangered airlines, where Icelandair is no exception. BALTIC COUNTRIES – Self-isolation / quarantine measures are the sole responsibility of the federal provinces. – Some of the major airlines are returning to Milan’s Malpensa after 2 months. The first of them is KLM Airlines, which started operating in early May. Belavia started flights only for business reasons, twice a week. On May 2, 20, Qatar Airways will start again with a gradual return, and the Milan Malpensa-Doha flight will run 2020 times a week. Emirates is scheduled to return on May 3, 21, with Milan Malpensa among the 2020 returning lines, along with London, Frankfurt, Paris, Madrid, Chicago, Toronto, Sidney and Melbourne.  14/05/2020 – Norwegian E24 writes that more and more people are interested in buying Norwegian shares. The online broker has 2 new buyers who ordered shares on Wednesday. That’s well above the figure of 196 on Friday, but still only a small share of about 230 buyers who are shareholders in the airline. The stock is traded for 5,5 Norwegian kroner. Norwegian has so far raised NOK 400 million in fresh capital, the last part that must be made available before the company will have access to the rest of the state’s crisis package. The airline announced earlier Wednesday that the company had received more than 12 stock orders and that demand for shares was several times higher than the quantity offered. – HomeExchange has published a large survey on summer vacations. Despite international border closures, 49% of French people still plan to go on holiday. But 76% of them will travel in France, and only 15% of them abroad. The French continue to expect detailed Government recommendations on foreign tourist travel during summer holidays.  – Tallink Silja and Viking Line started sailing between Sweden and Finland again yesterday. – Restaurants, cafes and bars in the green zones open on June 2. By the way, the Ile de France Paris zone is still in the red zone due to the active expansion of tourism, so in the region visited by 50 million foreign tourists a year, catering facilities are not expected to open soon. – Members of the hotel section of MSZÉSZ Boutique held a virtual meeting. Most boutique hotels are planned to reopen in mid-June, but this will largely depend on the appearance of flights and the opening of borders, as hotels in Budapest do not count on domestic tourism. For now, hotels in Budapest have a negligible number of new bookings, some for August and others for autumn. – Demand is growing, 30% more than last week. Continuing to survey Travelzoo members shows that growth will continue. The number of U.S. members who said they would book a domestic hotel in May for a future stay was up 84% from last week. Similarly, those who previously stated they would not book until late summer are now ready to book. 32% would consider booking an international trip in the second quarter of 2020 if the offer is flexible, up 35% from the previous four weeks. – Border controls are extended until 14.06. SWEDEN – Canada and the United States will keep their mutual border closed for non-existent travel until June 21, Globe and Mail report. Initially, the restriction on closing the border was supposed to last until May 21. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the Canadian government will be “very, very cautious” about reopening any international travel, including to the United States, CTVNews reports. While other countries are taking steps to ease physical distancing measures and moving toward reopening their economies, Trudeau says Canada is looking for stronger travel measures. – Business travelers, freight drivers, doctors and scientists could be exempted from the 14-day self-isolation rule when returning to the UK. – A study by the Sports and Recreation Research Group called “Back to Normal” compared attitudes about travel and leisure in September 2001 (after the attack on New York’s “Gemini”) and July 2009 (economic crisis) to date. – and found that most Americans who were on a cruise last year (2019) will go on a cruise again now despite the extensive health hazards of COVID-19.- The analysis shows that the percentage of people who would now, in 2020, engage in other travel and recreational activities, if possible, is growing dramatically. Source: CNTB Following yesterday’s publication of the European Commission’s guidelines for tourism, the Dutch association of tour operators ANVR also reacted. The ANVR states that European Commissioner Vestager caused unnecessary confusion about refunds for canceled trips, stating that the commission will initiate proceedings against countries that have (legally) approved the issuance of vouchers to consumers instead of refunds for already paid but canceled trips. From May 15 to August 31, SAS introduces an obligation to wear protective masks in aircraft. Items such as blankets, pillows, drawers and reading materials are being removed from the seats, new boarding routines are being introduced and food will no longer be served. Furthermore, the aircraft is cleaned according to new routines, and hand luggage is limited to one per passenger. The ANVR also points out that the commission states that the travel organizers are in a difficult situation, but at the same time did not offer them any help, but called on national governments to help the tourism sector. ANVR states that tourism represents 10% of the European economy and that it employs 27 million workers in Europe, of which 9 million will lose their jobs. And the Association of European Travel Agencies, ECTAA regrets that the European Commission has not presented more concrete measures, and ECTAA would like to see concrete and coordinated measures at European level to help tourism and re-establish tourism, which is essential to regain consumer confidence. – Charter agency Wing risks bankruptcy if the state does not initiate support measures, said the general secretary of the Association of Travel Agencies of Sweden Didrik von Seth for Dagens Industri. He also wants the government to consider solutions taken by neighboring countries such as crisis funds. He also believes that TUI and Apollo will find it easier to get out of the crisis because they have German owners. – The Bratislava Tourist Organization promotes city attractions with 3-5 minutes of short films, encouraging both domestic and foreign tourists to rediscover city buildings, streets and museums. 15 new videos under the slogans “Be a tourist in your (capital)! “I will stay at home and I will discover Bratislava” is intended primarily for locals, but – in preparation for the return of foreign tourists as soon as possible. – As of today, SAS is launching new flights to London and it will soon be possible to book flights to New York. However, the demand for flights does not really exist, as reported by SAS Press. They warn that even those who have booked flights should be ready to cancel flights if the restrictions continue. – The Dutch low-cost airline Transavia, whose flights have been suspended until 28 May, has announced that it is extending its suspension until 3 June due to measures still in force in the Netherlands and the destinations to which it flies, and hopes that soon to be able to give their passengers more concrete information about re-establishing flights soon. – Swiss Travel Day scheduled for October 22 has been postponed and will take place on November 26. A new date for this largest Networking event for the Swiss tourism industry has been agreed due to the current ban on events with more than 1.000 people. – Virtuoso predicts the growth of luxury travel for the upcoming holidays. Analysis of airline reservation data shows that the top 10 destinations for upcoming trips are all far or abroad – Grand Cayman, Dubai, Saint Martin, Tanzania, Los Angeles, Maui – Hawaii, Nairobi, Montego Bay, Cape Town and Puerto Vallarta. Later that day, Vestager corrected herself on her own Twitter account, stating that these were recommendations to countries and not the initiation of proceedings. She also stated that vouchers are one of the possibilities (with a refund), although the tourism sector demanded that the issuance of vouchers be a legal obligation, ie that consumers must accept them and not insist on a refund. ANVR states that the European Commission must understand that tour operators do not prefer to issue vouchers for their own comfort or luxury but for necessity, and behind the issuance of vouchers are guarantee funds that guarantee it, so the consumer is in any case protected from insolvency. in case all consumers will demand a refund tour operators will face illiquidity and bankruptcies because they simply do not have the money to refund as they have passed it on to their suppliers. – Due to the ambiguities caused by the statement of the European Commissioner Vestager regarding the issuance of vouchers for canceled trips, KLM allows passengers who have booked and paid for a flight, which has been canceled, to choose between refunds in the form of vouchers or refunds in cash. Passengers to whom the trip was canceled earlier and to whom the voucher has already been issued, cannot immediately receive a refund in cash. In any case, passengers are allowed a refund after one year if they do not use the voucher.  – Austrian Airlines extends the suspension of flights for a further week until 7 June. TO Ithaca canceled all its trips until 10.06. (previous decision until 31.05.) Among those Americans who have participated in these activities in the last 12 months:- 58% would like to cruise- 48% would attend a live sporting event- 47% would stay in a hotel- 46% would visit a casino- 43% would fly in commercial airlines- 39% would watch a movie at the cinema – All passengers who have a certificate from a doctor that they are healthy will also be exempt from quarantine. – French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe yesterday presented the details of the “Marshall Plan” to help the tourism sector. This is an unprecedentedly high amount of 18 billion euros that the state will allocate for the rescue of the French tourism sector, which is obviously a state priority.  – Nancy Pelosi, a spokeswoman for the House of Representatives, defended a three-trillion-dollar aid package for a pandemic on Wednesday as needed to deal with the virus and economic collapse. “The American people are worth those funds,” she told the Associated Press.  – Prime Minister Eduard Phillipe has finally made recommendations to the French for tourist trips and upcoming vacations. He pointed out that the French can go on holiday in July and August, but for now only France is recommended as well as its overseas territories as potential holiday destinations. The French, therefore, can currently book accommodation in France, and hotels, private renters, campsites… undertake to refund 100% of the amount paid to customers in the event of a coronavirus cancellation.  – Since the beginning of the crisis, the Austrian Tourism Association (ÖVT) has asked the relevant ministries for special government economic measures aimed at travel organizers and travel agencies, a solution to the issue of legal issuance of vouchers, which also changes the current law on flat travel, grants still unpaid crisis loans. The association expects concrete answers from the government and line ministries by the end of May.  – Ryan Air withdrew from its reservation system the sale of tickets for the Budapest-Zadar route, which was to operate twice a week from July to September. We have not received an official response from Ryan Air at the time of writing. – Iceland announced the opening of borders on 15.6. Instead of a 14-day quarantine, passengers will be able to be tested at the airport, after which they will be able to go to their accommodation overnight to wait for the result – usually available the same day or within 24 hours. 14/05/2020 – France will not open its borders with European neighbors before mid-June – confirmed French Interior Minister Christophe Castaner, despite the fact that some countries have already announced the opening. Only after that deadline could the gradual opening of borders with border countries such as Switzerland and Germany follow. -The Minister asked the mayor to submit information by Thursday afternoon on whether he considers it timely to lift the restrictions on going out in Budapest and gradually resume life in the capital. GREAT BRITAIN- Dart Group Plc, owner of Jet2.com and Jet2 Holidays, secured a £ 300 million loan from a mutual fund for corporate financing during the COVID-19 crisis, by the Bank of England (CCFF). The commercial loan is an addition to an existing £ 100m loan fund already used by Dart Group Plc and financed by the government. “Looking at our tracking data, we seem to have reached a tipping point among consumers interested in recreation, sports fans and travelers,” said Jon Last, president of the sports and recreation analytical team, whose company conducted the research together with Engagious. om and ROKK Solutions. – Minister of Foreign Affairs Maas announced the withdrawal of the warning for travel to other countries, which is valid until 14.06. He announced that the warning would be withdrawn first for European countries that are in a favorable health situation. As for domicile travel in the UK, although the most popular duration is three to four nights (44%), more than a quarter (26%) would opt for a five to seven night holiday. – Scenic Group has extended the suspension of all river and ocean cruises as well as other tours (Scenic Luxury Cruises & Tours, Emerald Cruises and Evergreen Cruises & Tours) until August 31, 2020. – JPMorgan, announced its expectations – the unemployment rate will reach its peak at 25% – like the level recorded during the Great Depression – instead of 15% as previously expected. GoldmanSachs has also revised its GDP forecasts: it now expects GDP to fall 39% this quarter, slightly more than the expected 34% decline. For the full year, Goldman expects GDP to fall 6,5%. The booking platform TravelZoo has seen a significant drop in interest in all-inclusive travel during the Covid-19 crisis, but points out that the desire for holidays and travel remains strong. The latest survey results from May 7 revealed that demand for B&B (bed & breakfast) (39%) exceeded demand for all-inclusive supply (39%). Travelzoo believes this shift in interest raises concerns about the likelihood of corynavirus in large tourist resorts. -It is necessary for Croatia to enter among those countries for which from 15.6. travel warnings will no longer be valid. Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania plan to open the borders between the three countries on Friday (May 15th). The so-called “travel balloon” allows citizens of the three Baltic states to move freely across borders, while people entering from other countries still have to be quarantined for 14 days.- Latvian hotels are recording an increase in bookings and are expecting their first guests at the end of next week. Of course, these are guests from the neighboring Baltic countries. – Everyone who travels to Germany from EU and Schengen countries, as well as from Great Britain, will soon no longer have to be quarantined. The obligation to spend two weeks in self-isolation to prevent the spread of coronavirus should be lifted across the state in the next few days. The federal states have agreed on that with the federal government, reports the government of North Rhine-Westphalia. 14/05/2020 Key points of the plan: 1. The French are allowed to go on holiday in July and August.This is long-awaited news that has delighted the general public, noting that there will certainly be local restrictions regarding the evolution of the epidemic.2. A green light is given for summer reservations. From today, the French are free to start booking summer vacations. The secretary of the Association of French Travel Agencies EDV reacted immediately to this news and encouraged the French to immediately start preparing for the summer holidays. Valerie Boned pointed out that French travel agencies will try to encourage French people to book this year’s holiday in France.3. Canceled holiday reservations in France will be paid in full. This is an unprecedented measure. All tourism professionals, including hoteliers, have committed themselves to fully refunding the funds paid for reservations that could be canceled due to the possible negative evolution of the epidemic. The possibility given to the French to cancel their holiday reservations in France until the last minute is a key measure that will reassure the general public and encourage them to make reservations.4. The “chômage partiel” and assistance from solidarity funds have been extendedThe partial work of employees in the tourism sector has been extended until the end of September 2020, under the same conditions as they apply today. The French Prime Minister emphasized that practically the entire French tourism sector applies the “chômage partiel”. In addition, travel companies with up to 20 employees and an annual income of 2 million euros have been extended the opportunity to use solidarity funds until the end of the year. 5. Additional assistance to the tourism sector.The French Prime Minister put forward several additional aid measures: the state approved the so-called seasonal loans whose payment terms will be more favorable compared to classic loans, and whose ceiling can reach the total income generated by the company during the three best months of the previous year. BPI France has increased the ceiling of such loans from 250 million euros to 1 billion euros. In addition, the banks have committed to allow the loan to be repaid for 12 months instead of 6 months as was initially said. Social benefits for the period from March to June have been abolished. The registration fee of 20% of the salaries of workers paid since February will be paid to companies to help encourage work, and will be collected as part of mandatory contributions. This is also an unprecedented measure of assistance. In total, these additional aid measures represent more than 2 billion euros of direct aid to the tourism sector, which, according to the Prime Minister, will have an extremely positive effect on the future work of the tourism sector.6. Possibility to open restaurants in green zones on June 2ndEdouard Philippe pointed out the possibility of opening cafes and restaurants in green zones on June 2, provided that the evolution of the epidemic does not worsen and that sanitary conditions are respected. An opening date has not been announced for cafes and restaurants located in the red zone. Link to overall economic measures to help tourism www.plan-tourisme.fr – Restaurant spending fell by more than 50% in March and April, analysts say, as did health insurance costs as people canceled all medical procedures – Greece with 2.774 infections and 152 deaths, Croatia with 2.277 infections and 81 deaths, Malta 506 infections and 5 deaths, and even Portugal with 27.000 infections and 1.163 deaths do not want to be put on the same level as Italy and Spain where figures far worse and putting pressure on Brussels. They are asking for umbrellas and borders to be opened first to those who managed the virus better so as not to throw the whole season into the wind. There is a lot of talk about beaches and distancing, not to mention that 80 percent of Italian campsites are on the sea and lakes and that everyone has a beach. In our guides we have prepared all the information about hygiene, sanitation, access to showers, swimming pools, sinks, reception, beaches. During the lockdown, we worked on training the staff of our members. We want to give our contribution to the national economy, but we are prevented from doing so and we do not know the real reason. Since the post-war period, hotels in this sector have dominated, and I expect the legislature to get some space. And the voucher will not be a sufficient answer to curb this bleeding – said the president of this association, which protects the interests of companies that manage camps and tourist resorts. In 2019, there were 70 million overnight stays and 10 million arrivals in Italian camps. -The federal government has also instructed to abolish the measure of self-isolation for travelers coming from abroad (14 days), which falls within the competence of the federal provinces. – Before that, Lower Saxony lifted the quarantine after the verdict of the administrative court of that province, which declared the measure illegal, after a lawsuit filed by a citizen who was to be quarantined after returning from Sweden. An inter-ministerial conference is under way, chaired by French Prime Minister Eduard Phillipe, on accepting the historic “Marshall” plan, the measures of which should help France remain the world’s first tourist power. The tourism sector has been hit hard in France, with losses estimated at 40 billion euros in the first half of the year alone. In 2019, French tourism directly employed 2 million people, generated 7% of GDP and more than 170 million tourist revenues. The Paris region alone accounted for 50 million tourist arrivals a year. All the details of the historic tourism rescue plan will be announced during the day, and the plan envisions more than 1,5 billion euros in additional direct investment in tourism with the aim of creating a “new tourism” geared towards sustainable development and the numerical segment.  – The Portuguese Algarve region is preparing for the gradual reopening of tourist facilities over the coming weeks ahead of the summer season. Currently, more than a third of hotels in the Algarve are open, and an increase to 75% is planned for next month, and most facilities are expected to receive guests in July. They plan to allow restaurants to open on May 18 with a capacity limit of 50%, while beaches should open in June.  – Yesterday’s news of the European Commission on guidelines and recommendations for travel was poorly received in Italy. Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has said Italy will leave the EU if bilateral agreements on tourism and privileged tourist routes are reached. If the movement of European citizens is allowed only in EU countries with a similar epidemiological level, it means destroying the single market and expelling Italy. At a press conference presenting a decree on restarting Italy’s economy, Conte was categorical about travel between European countries: Italy will leave the European Union if bilateral and privileged tourism agreements are reached. – Brussels Airlines has announced that, after the flights have been suspended for 7 weeks, it will extend the suspension of flights until June 15, when it should gradually start introducing flights. In the first phase of establishing air traffic, only a limited number of flights will be introduced depending on demand and depending on travel restrictions in individual destinations. Brussels Airlines intends to introduce safeguards for passengers and staff on its flights.  14/05/2020 ITALY – Water parks are also planned to reopen in June and Julylast_img

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